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Thread: Wardogs in mixed camps on colonies eat all bowmen that weren't even fighting

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    Wardogs in mixed camps on colonies eat all bowmen that weren't even fighting

    On colonies I find that mixed camps that contain wardogs will whipe out all attack bowmen attached to the general. Even if those bowmen are NOT fighting NOR being the next waiting in line. They bowmen don't disappear in stacks of 20. They're juse gone. All of them.

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    Noticed same thing.
    Plus, when mixed camp with wardogs, those keep jumping in fight while other stack is still fighting, and even after u kill all wardogs, those still keep appearing.

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    I wanna say many things about these war dogs but just don't wanna get ban... Today i lost on cam with 40 war dogs 40 bow 40 sword just because when i start first wave it was 10 war dogs against 10 heavy units. Next way was showing again dogs so left heavy units but after i saw that i killed 4 dogs they switched to bowman's and my heavy units instead fighting war dogs start fighting normal units. And that happen 5 times on that camp till i lost easy kill able camp ... COME ONE BB fix these war dogs so many bugs about them like reviving and switching in middle of the fight ...

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