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Thread: Game change requests

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    Game change requests

    I would like to offer the following suggestions to improve the game.

    1. Make it so I dont have to delete 100 buff messages out of my mailbox every day. Perhaps add a "System" box to go with Inbox and Outbox that receives these messages?

    2. Make it so I can easily send buffs to my friend for him to use on my island. Having to set up 10 + transactions to send buffs is ridiculous.

    3. Have buildings that have stopped production due to maximum storage being reached show an icon so my friend knows not to waste buffs on them. Perhaps a single z icon as opposed to the the zzz icon when I have shut them down.

    4. Allow me to see more information about the people I share adventures with. I want to know at a glance if they have accepted and if they have sent generals and how long those generals have until they arrive.

    5. Put the name of my Explorer in the subject of the email I get when he returns. I have different guys spec'd differently and I need to monitor who returns what to evaluate if feats are worth investing in. The current message telling me "my experienced explorer" means nothing. Change it to "my explorer Bob"

    I have lots of other suggestions but these are my top 5.

    Thank you. I hope this helps improve the game.

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    there is a suggestion part on the forums where this would be better to put in

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    Thread moved from General Discussion to Game Suggestions forum

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