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Thread: Show your Resources Amount in Trade Office

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    Show your Resources Amount in Trade Office

    This is something that has been bugging me over the last few weeks whilst I have been trading. Whenever I am browsing the Trade Office and I come across a good deal, I have to go to my Mayor's House and find how much of that resource I have and then go back and open the Trade Office and then find the deal again and purchase it. Would it be possible if when you hover over a resource in the TO, it could also say in brackets how many you have. See below for an example:

    Currently shown when you hover over a resource: Marble

    How I think it should be shown: Marble (11000/20000) - 11000 being how much Marble you currently have and 20000 being your limit.

    Here is an image showing what I mean. Yes, I have amazing photo editing skills. Paint really works a charm :

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