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Thread: [OPEN] Stuck at Level 7

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    I am playing with UPlay and I am stuck in the same exact way.
    Quote Originally Posted by Iolanthe View Post
    The Storehouse is a level 8 building, if it can be selected at 7 something really is hinky. On the test server stuck level 7 can be sorted by selecting the Explorer but that doesn't seem to be working here.

    Edit: Turns out clicking the Explorer, sometimes many times, has been working here. Especially after logging out for at least 15 minutes. While the Storehouse is a level 8 building clicking the greyed icon in the build menu, without building anything, seems to work for some people as well.

    Out of curiosity, and while this doesn't seem to be affecting everyone, has anyone using UPlay or Facebook on been stuck like this or is it definitely Steam-specific?

    Edit: From feedback in various areas including this thread, thanks Lothoread, it's not a Steam-specific issue, though it shows more obviously with all the new people coming in via Steam.

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    As promised, a solution will be implemented tomorrow, in accordance with the Change Log here.

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