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Thread: Auctions Returning

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    Auctions Returning

    Hi all

    Many people have been asking me when the auctions will return and all i can say is in the coming 2 weeks all going well

    Please keep your ears to the ground and follow all rules as below


    1. Players holding an auction are permitted to advertise beforehand in Global-1, Help & Trade, but no more than once per hour, please ensure to state the date, time and place (Global-3)

    2. The player holding the auction should inform the prospective customers of the goods, price (resources or coins) & length of the auction (limited to a maximum of 5 minutes) & also whether or not there is a reserve price on the goods, which will help avoid confusion if the reserve price is not reached.

    3. The auction commences once the auctioneer says START and ends when he says STOP.

    4. The last player to bid (the highest bidder) before the end of the auction is the winner, and the trade is then arranged in whisper.

    5. In the event of a dispute over which player made the winning bid (due to lag or player being on the ignore list) the auctioneer provides a screenshot showing the winning bid as seen from his/her perspective.

    6. Whilst in Global-3 during an auction all players should avoid chatting to ensure the smooth progress of the auction.

    To quickly access global 3 you can type /j global-3


    Format of Auctions

    Auctions are open to all persons to participate in.

    The auctions will start at 7pm BST or at other times as may be advertised in advance. There will be some small lots to facilitate the smaller level players and some large lots to facilitate all others. Anyone can auction stuff but they must have a stopwatch or else use a stopwatch simulator on your computer. Do not post a link for a simulator on the chats as this will get you banned by BB for some reason.

    Please make sure u use a stopwatch or the computer timer for auctions as time must be correct

    Any person wishing to auction items should say so in between lot auctions. Please use common sense... and be polite .. Its for FUN

    The winner of each item auctioned is determined by the seller who will show a screenie of whet they see when the auction is finished. If the seller is unable to take a screenshot they must ask someone else appropriate to do this on their behalf, But they must inform buyers of this beforehand.7

    Each auction will last 1 minute with some auctions lasting 2 minutes. This will be declared beforehand by the seller. There will be 1 minute break between the end of an auction and the beginning of the next to allow the buyers to send a trade or to set it up on to.

    The minimum bid increase increment will be 10gc for all items below trade value of 1k and for items of value 1k to 5 k will be 30 and above 5k will be increments of 100. These values will always be in place except where stated by the seller.[]

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    What would be awesome is if we could make use of the "Message of the Day" at the top of G3 chat. It should have a link to this thread, so people can find the rules. And ideally would also say when the next auction is planned (though that should be posted in this thread too).

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    Any auction this sunday? know many are looking forward to it

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