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Thread: Friend/Guild avatar list

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    that would be good

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    Smile UI suggestions

    Being interested in UI design, here are my suggestions of improvement:

    Front web page
    • The right column with "add friends" syndication and game advertisement are not aligned. It looks a bit haphazard.
    • The posts in the news feed are not properly differentiated from each other. It makes them float into each other which makes readability harder. Some kind of horizontal shader or thicker ruler would be a great improvement. My suggestion is to let the beige background fade out into transparency between each post, so that the texture behind it pops out.
    • The minimize post button disappears when put on top of the teaser image. The teaser images are stealing attention from the post itself.
    • There are too many horizontal lines inside a post. Having a horizontal line below the title of the post is unnecessary.
    • The amount of posts are way to many. Use the archive more or at least auto hide posts that are older then a week. The oldest post is about new year and it's soon summer!
    • Consider replacing the rectangular teaser to the right with a square icon to the left. It would be less intrusive and guide the eye rather then confuse and cover the minimize button.
    • Profile editing is a mess! Way too many headers, segments, icons, buttons and horizontal rulers. It would be much better if I could just type in my current password, edit whatever and press save. That would be 1 segment, rather then 3. Consolidate them to make it easier.
    • The fact that the forum profile settings is different and contains a link to another page is not apparent. Consider adding an icon with a arrow or something to mark it better. But only if you first remove some horizontal lines and other features. (EDIT: actually there is an arrow, but it blends too much into the +/- that show/hides the segment. Make it pop out more).
    • In the invite friends frame on the right side: the most important feature here is the Invite friend part, not the Click here. Thus, the Invite friend text should be larger.
    • The shop icon and segment is very beautiful.
    • Consider putting the forum posts into its own box. Right now it blends into the shop box.
    • Consider gathering all social features into the same area (the social links to the upper left and the join facebook, as well as the invite friends).
    • Why do you have a advertisment about a game called Settlers online, on the Settlers online webpage?
    • The right hand column is so long it covers the footer.

    Ingame improvements
    • Make it possible to customize one or two slots in the resource bar. I like keeping track of fishes to optimize my buffing. Now I have to click the economics tab every time.
    • All the archive posts are editable. If I start typing the text will change. I think they should be locked.
    • When I visit a friends town, I would like to have a quickbutton for returning home. With many friends it can be hard to find oneself in the horizontal list. EDIT: found it, below the arrows in the friends bar. Perhaps it should be possible to do this by clicking the portrait?
    • Sometimes the quests can not be completed. First I thought this was due to a bug, which was solved by completing other quests so that the list was refreshed. Now it seems like it's due to my level not being high enough. This is not written anywhere in the interface however, the sub-quest simply does not appear. I think it should appear but be grayed out - with a tooltip that says my level is too low.

    The dirt pathches are rendered above the road, which I guess is because the terrain objects like trees should cover them and they are in the same layer. Perhaps you could make the dirt patches transparent?
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    friendlist update

    personally i reached the point of having 200+ friends, and not taking random friend requests! it just happens over time for active people

    i would like to sugest a few new functionalities for the friendlist.

    -be able to sort friends by online/offline status

    -be able to sort friendlist alfabetically or by lvl

    -create friend groups

    (this options are available in alot of mmo's out there, and i dont mean lazy fb games x)

    ♥♥♥ Thank You BB_Ravel and Dantesama! ♥♥♥

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    Be nice if the green lights worked once in a while.
    We love our new CM.

    Newfoundland: 20th November 2011 to 25th November 2014. RIP
    It was good while it lasted.

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    online list


    Can you change this list on way that I can see online friends together... not like now (from moment to moment) online... 2 offline, then 2 online... 5 offline...

    So can you make that we sort online contact from beginning of list?


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    I hear you!

    In my guild we are 88-96 people then add the friends outside guild meaning I have to scroll through 10-11 windows of people since you can only see 9 people at the time (this is fine). But it would be nice to be able to toggle between offline/online players.

    Maybe also a search options field, so you can search on a friend name?

    Kind regards,

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    agreed !
    there should be a "online" button under all/friends/guild"
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    want this so much

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    I agree to an "all/online only" toggle for the friends list. Also, while a search facility there could be useful, (somebody mails you "Hi, can you buff 1 of my bldgs plz?" ~ "Actually, no, I can't. I can't find you in the 500+ faces on my list", something as simple as a toggle "sort by level / sort by name" would do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairy View Post
    Also, while a search facility there could be useful, (somebody mails you "Hi, can you buff 1 of my bldgs plz?" ~ "Actually, no, I can't. I can't find you in the 500+ faces on my list"
    While I heartily agree that searching you friends list is difficult, in the case above the correct answer would be:
    "Only if you whisper me first, since I can then use your nick to visit you island."

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