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Thread: Quick Traitors, no blocks, MMA&MG(or vet) with cannons & no cav

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    Quick Traitors, no blocks, MMA&MG(or vet) with cannons & no cav

    I haven't optimized this for losses, just wanted it nice, quick and easy, which it is.

    Image courtesy of Killste/Tage

    Camp 4
    MMA 220R (38R)

    Camp 5 & 6
    MMA 220R (134R)

    camp 7
    MG 120R 150K (99R), V 120R 130K (105R)

    Camp 8
    MMA 220R (81R)

    Camp 9
    MG 160R 110K (136R), V 160R 90K (148R)

    Camp 10
    MMA 130R 90K (110R)

    MMA 1R
    MMA 1R
    MG 110R 160k (65R), V 110R 140K (75R)

    or if only 1MMA -
    MMA 1R
    MG 130R 140K (112R), V 130R 120K (116R)

    So that's 160K (or 200K for speed), about 800R needed and no cavalry
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