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Thread: Generals disappeared on Ali Baba

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    Generals disappeared on Ali Baba

    Where happened:
    On the TEST SERVER.

    What happened:
    1. Started an Ali baba, the young wood cutter adventure.
    2. Sent about 10-15 generals (Quartermasters, Majors, etc.) to the adventure.
    3. Generals didn't show up in the star menu in the adventure and they didn't arrive in an hour.
    4. Cancelled the adventure after an hour, but the generals didn't come back.

    When happened:
    Started the adventure and sent generals on 6/10/2015 around 8 AM GMT+1 (± 10 minutes)

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    I would suggest posting this on the test server forum instead.

    Thanks for the heads-up anyway, I had best test one there before doing one live in a few more levels.

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    Oh, sorry.
    I didn't know that test server has other forum. :/

    That's why I didn't find any thread in this topic.
    Thanks the information.

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