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Thread: No pumpkins among collectibles

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordloocan View Post
    Sad to see someone, as always, resort to personal sniping because a player chooses to present a contrary view. You don't play on the same server as me so an have no idea of the input I give to the community.

    Of course BB are going to say 'there was a bug', it is the simplest thing to say. Oddly I don't see players suggesting other players should be given free pumpkins who repeatedly got zero on adventures. The achievement was there, some got lucky others didn't, life is like that, bugs and all.
    The feedback thread is in another section of the forum, this is a bug thread where those who feel they might of had a bug come to report it and check occasionally if BB have replied.

    So here is what I would be looking for :-

    Archipelago cleared day 2 of xxl launch, all sectors claimed 15/10/15. Collectibles per spawn lowest 8 highest 14 (maybe 15 on day they did hotfix) average pumpkin per spawn 2.35 . achieved 98 or 99. lots of spawns with 1 or 0 most collected in one spawn 8 or 9 on hotfix day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpielein View Post
    I have ALSO cleared nearly all collectibles on every spawn, I didn't manage to get over 80.
    I thought it had been agreed upon that depending how far you have developed (especially the new islands) that a formula about the possible drops was flawed and some people were not given near enough chances and BB has acknowledged this and is determining some kind of reparation or compensation for some players. I haven't seen beyond that yet but it seems to be a fact that it was not possible for all players.

    The new islands thing sure fit what I observed. My friend: found his 100 first, has done nothing on the new islands. My wife, found hers second and has uncovered one island. I got mine many days later (and close to the end) and I have opened up 2 new islands. I don't think that is just coincidence.

    I hope that BB can come up with a method to compensate those for whom it was impossible while not insulting those who had the chance and made effort. That might be difficult....
    Sorry, but I've slept since then...

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    ok tonight's maintenance is over and I'm still at 12/12. did they forget to run that script which should activate the last achievement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peccatora View Post
    ok tonight's maintenance is over and I'm still at 12/12. did they forget to run that script which should activate the last achievement?
    When the dust has settled we'll still be at 12/12, I believe

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