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Thread: When will BB do something about the various lag issues?

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    The lag has been really bad this weekend with it being Halloween on a Sunday evening. Please upgrade your servers BB, people pay for this and are having to wait longer than we should for gens to arrive, losing many troops due to failed blocks and chat messages just going.


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    This is the worst lag today after maintenance I have ever experience. It is taking me 2 minutes just to load my home island!

    Transferring sectors, forget it. Building something takes ages to get to the building showing on the screen.

    The list goes on.

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    Fix the LAG

    I wouldn't mind half the other issues, even all of them, if BB devs would just fix the bloomin' lag

    It affects all aspects of the game and is taking away all the enjoyment. Even guild chat is lagged!

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    I have sent message to support regarding my "stuck" issues in "loading map", and told them specifically that I already tried all those "do it yourself" fixes...and you can guess what their reply was.
    Utterly useless!

    So to stay on topic, sometimes when Im in a process of logining or going from island to island (or adventure), game just stops responding. Its "stuck" on "loading map". And it can go forever, but, sometimes island/adventure appears after 5-10min of waiting. YeY!

    2nd issue.
    Attacking/blocking in adventure.
    When i send attacks and blocks, they go on forever. I need to refresh adventure in order too see if fight is over. And if I refresh, "loading map" issue could pop up!

    Really amazing! Thanks for not doing anything about it except ask questions did I flushed my dns cache or emptied my browser/flash cache. For 5th time, I DID THAT. Its not problem on my PC, its not problem on laptop which has same issues as my PC at home, its not problem with my internet, my bandwidth, my ping, ITS NOT.

    ITS YOU. Fix it!
    Thanks, bye!!

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