Lazarus - Come and Join a new friendly guild

Lazarus is a new guild who is looking for members who want to relax, have fun and share in some quality banter with like minded people.

Rules - what are they

All we ask is that you:

- Have Fun
- Be yourself and speak your mind
- Respect others
- Help out if you can but no pressure
- Help everyone get their quota of guild coins by getting the guild quest done - no pressure though

What else do you need to know?

-No Payment to Join the Guild
-Trade within the guild is between individuals with no hard and fast rules. If you have spare resources and want to share then great. If you are building up your empire and need the coins then agree on price.
- We want to build a strong reputation so we ask that when on trade or global that you remember your Tag - it will become the No.1 guild

What else does the guild offer:

When you reach level 42 you will be eligble to become a vet. As long as you help out others, come on chat and be friendly. Those who reach fifty and are active will also be invited to join the leadership of the guild and help steer the way in which the guild goes.

Guild auction - run from time to time - its fun and you get to bid for resource lots.

Help and guidance on the game and adventures

Free resources for lower players trying to build up their island

The Guild is run by KingGroom - if you want to try us out whisper or email me in game.

Look forward to hearing from you soon