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Thread: PinkTutuPrincess' Guide for newbies

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    Level 11

    Welcome to level 11, and well done!

    Some buildings need tools to be able to be built, to make them we need to smelt the copper ore. To do that we need a copper smelter:

    ...we also need a toolmaker

    Choose them from the building menu and place them on the map

    Just wait till they both are built. Buildings are placed in a building queue, right side of screen, and built one at a time.

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    Level 12

    We are doing good, you and me! Welcome to level 12, well done!

    All our buildings are level 1, lets upgrade some of them to make them more efficient

    Upgrade 3 buildings, it doesn't say what building so feel free to upgrade the one you wish.
    Make sure you have the correct amount of resources to be able to upgrade.

    Upgrading buildings have an arrow pointing up and an exclamation mark.

    These 3 buildings were chosen by me to be upgraded for this guide.

    Trade, a new way of getting resources and other fun things. Make sure to take notice of the amount and the names of the different tabs under the chat window, there is no trade tab.

    After having gone to build menu, finding the trade office and placing it on the map, it will look like this. Please note the trade tab.

    Observe that trading, offering/asking for buffs, asking/offering lootspots is only done in the trade tab, or you will get a warning as i did
    English only in all tabs, but.. the trade tab is a bit... well look here

    Let us add some allies to our friends list
    It's always a good idea to ask before sending friends requests, players may not like to get an unannounced request

    There are 2 ways of adding a friend:
    By clicking the add friend next to the friends list

    ...or clicking on the name in the chat window

    Now that we have a friend we can visit them, either by clicking on the portrait in friends list or by clicking on their name in chat and choosing visit from the menu

    Lets buff a friends building, if you do not have a buff, remember where you made one before? In the Provision house.

    As mentioned before, buffs are asked for or offered in trade tab, but we can also use whisper tab to ask a friend personally

    Once you see the swirly yellow patter, you know the buff has been applied. If you see a yellow swirly pattern on any of the buildings on your island, it means that a friend has been kind enough to buff you.

    While visiting a friend by clicking on your name in chat and choosing return home or clicking the home button next to the friends list you will return to your home island.

    By now you should have many quests that are marked as done, go ahead and complete them by chosing them and clicking the green tick.

    Let us trade.
    To see how the Trade system works please click here
    You can trade to the other players by creating a trade in the trade office, or you can trade directly with a friend. Direct trade is only possible after 24 hours of the friends request being accepted.

    The trade office is the scales, don't forget to mention it in trade office.

    The trade office is empty at first...

    ...but clicking the round arrow will update it.

    We will be selling so choose the sell tab what you wish to sell, at lower levels you may not have much, but this is to learn stone to sell

    ...and fish to buy

    This is what we have chosen to sell and ask for. As we are selling and buying, we need only make one thing and we will have bought and sold at the same time, click to send offer.

    How it looks mentioned in trade and what it looks like in trade office. Our offer!

    In the history tab we can see who bought from or who sold to us

    Well done! Good trading there!
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    Level 13

    welcome to level 13

    Lets prepare to make some brew, first we need 2 farms and 1 wheatfield

    Back to the farms and field

    Once it's done, lets build a new field

    Now we are done

    We need a general

    Choose the Tavern and buy the general

    Well done quest done!

    Off to the next level!
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    Level 14

    Welcome to level 14

    We started making farms and fields for our brew, now it's time to make a well

    Once the well is done just click ok and start building the brewery

    It looks good doesn't it? Our settlers will be happy in the tavern!

    Remember that general?

    He needs to build his garrison, click on the general from the star menu

    ...and click on an empty place on your land

    The general will take troops with him to battle, but for the troops we need some swords. Lets build a bronze weaponsmith

    Once it's built finish the quest and read the next quest, it tells us to produce 5 swords

    All quests that say produce, means you need to make the items in the workyards. For this quest it's the swordsmith that will make the swords. If you click on the swordsmith you will see a green bar moving, that's how much time a sword has left to be complete. This is automatic, just wait till 5 are made and then your quest is done.

    We dont have many weapons brew or tools, lets trade 50 of each

    After refreshing the Trade office, you can see what is for sell and what it will cost you, make sure to buy what we need, and keep an eye on the costs,...

    ...or you can search by typing the name of the item

    ...or by trading offering something for the item you need

    Dont forget to use the trade tab

    And now, this level is done! We are getting closer to the end of a beautiful friendship
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    Level 15

    Welcome to level 15

    Next Quest tells us to explore 4 sectors, as we already have 2 already explored, we only need to explore 2 more

    While the explorer is exploring lets do a side quest coal for the king

    One part is already done as we have had the coker for a while, else just wait for the coker to make coal. to pay the king all we need to make sure of is that we have the resource and amount required in the store house, in this quest it's 5 coal. lets look in the store house or mayor's house

    As we have 59 coal open quest book and click the green tick at the bottom

    And you have payed the king, all you need to do is click the green tick to finish the quest completely

    We need to make sure to have population, for this we need some houses, residences

    By now the Explorer has explored the 3rd new sector, send him out again.
    the arrow shows the new sector. sectors are numbered like the numbers are placed in the number pad
    We can see sectors

    1 2

    About now your residence should be done so lets start making some troops to be led by our general, and to help us get rid of the bandits we can see on the new sector.

    while the buildings are being finished our trustworthy explorer will have found the fourth sector, and that's that quest

    Sectors we can see are

    4 5
    1 2

    There are 9 sectors in total

    7 8 9
    4 5 6
    1 2 3

    Lets see how the barracks looks like

    Click on the barracks

    Here you can choose any troop kind you wish to make
    Click on the recruits

    Here you can choose how many you wish to make. on the left side you can make 25 soldiers at a time, on the right side you will increase the amount of times you are making each bulk. example if you make need to make 80 troops and pnly 25 can be made on the left side. you can move the slider to make 20 on the left and the right slider move it to say 4, 20 times 4 makes 80 troops that will be done.'
    quest done

    we need to use a buff and make recruits

    it's a special buff for the barracks Mr. Meyers, for this quest youll have him in star menu

    you can see how long the buff will last
    Some players will say they have X amount of time before troops are done or a queue this long
    You can by hovering on the progress bar see how long before yours are done



    And now own 10 recruits
    Open barracks and click on recruits

    First unit done and completed..
    You are now almost ready for battle

    If yours isn't already marked as complete, seeing as mine is and i didn't send my troops to fight, ill do a bug report, for that we need to contact support, clicking the small down arrow(cogwheel) we will get the option

    Clicking support will open new browser tab, choose contact form

    Here you can contact if you have problems with harassment or your account or if you encounter a bug, even if you suspect some one of cheating, it is here you ask for a name change as well, please do remember the reasons for asking for name changes as explained at the beginning of this guide

    as we have found a bug we choose problem with the game
    explain what the problem is and click send
    well done.

    Back to the game we can bypass needing to send a support ticket by doing the following

    Offer a fish on trade office for a stop buff and post a message in trade chat.

    OR just wait for the Mr Myers buff to run out naturally.

    Then place the stop buff on your barracks and the 10 recruits will stop looping and make in their normal unbuffed time. When this is done the quest will be complete.

    Lets assign the some troops to join the battle
    choose the garrison and move the sliders then click ok, for now you only have 10 recruits

    Lets use combat preview, combat preview only works if you have troops attached to your general

    Now we can use combat preview, its the 2 swords with a ? on it, once you chosen that choose an enemy camp

    First camp

    Too high risk, we will loose too many troops

    Second camp

    As see by the red area, our general will be intercepted,

    Third camp

    This camp seems to be ok, and we will not be intercepted

    Let's send an attack chose the general, choose the 2 crossed swords, the attack command, and the camp to attack

    Your general walking, slowly

    And attacking once they started the fight

    Lets transfer our general to a better place, generals can be transferred even if they do not have troops attached

    Choose a new place

    and quests complete,

    Once he's done it's all over and next level
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    Level 16

    Welcome to level 16!

    How you got here?

    Killing bandits give XP and, as you killed 3 bandits, they gave you the XP to level up.

    yup multiple quests done.

    Now let's go kill the leader, liberate and free the new zone

    As we can see by hovering over the bandit leader he has 12 troops and we only have 9, he is also guarded by a bandit camp next to him

    Let's make more troops, as many as you can make you will need them later aswell, you have a whole island to fight

    While we wait for the troops to be made, lets do other quests

    After each fight, win or loss we get a report and if we win we get loot.

    Click on the battle report.

    It will show you how the battle went.

    Quest done

    There are collections to be found on the island and with these you may do buffs, lets open the collections tab.

    To do that choose the mayor's house and then the collections tab.

    As i dont have the right amount of collies to make any buff all numbers are shown in red, but if I had I could make any of the buffs on the list. Hover over them to see what they do.

    Quest done.

    The explorer can do more than just find new sectors, lets make him find a treasure, and as the quest says, let's hope he finds a stone

    From the star menu choose the explorer, this time choose find treasure

    ...and short treasure search

    Please observe that the explorer may find other things, so when sending him to find stone or coins or whatever the quest may ask you to, it may take more than one try.

    While we wait for the explorer to come back let's do another quest
    Collecting on map items

    It's these they want you to find

    They are totally random so it may take a few searches to find what the quest asks for. Tracking this quest will be a lot of help as you can see how many you already found.
    Some are easy to find some are harder, your friends can visit you and help you search. By clicking them they will be marked with a tag.
    They respawn every 8 - 10 hours. If you haven't found them by the time they respawn, those you could not find will disappear.
    You will also get a quest with every new respawn

    For now, lets build a mill

    You know how to by now
    Quest done

    Lets make a bakery

    You know how
    Quest done

    If you have bread good, if not wait until you have some or make a trade.
    Lets make a new kind of buff

    ...and produce 2 solid sandwiches

    While waiting lets see how our other quests are doing.

    Some important details

    Choose a sawmill and click details tab

    Let's find a new copper deposit, send the geologist out. Dont forget we have a new zones so maybe they will be found there.

    Let's have 3 wheat fields, you know where to find them, if you still have the 2 first just build 1, if you need to build more than one feel free, make sure not to have more than 3 though.

    Lets have 2 wells, you may still have the old one.

    quests done

    Make sure you have buffs, for this quest you need to have 4 fish platters

    buff 2 wells and 2 farms with the fish platters
    ...and this quest for you to have 2 sandwiches, remember the ones we did not long ago

    Using the sandwiches, buff the bronze swordsmith and the baker, the buffs are in the star menu buff tab

    Both quests done.

    This will soon be over, and you are doing very well keeping up with me

    The copper mine

    As with the sawmill the mine also has a detailed tab

    quest done

    Finally that bandit leader, have you sent the troops to fight him?
    Attach all the troops you made to the general.

    Attack the bandit leader and wait, he will get intercepted as shown by the black arrow but you have more than enough troops to handle it.

    Quest done. When the leader is dead you will get xp.

    There are 2 ways of clearing bandits from a sector, one is by attacking all camps and getting loot and xp from each of the camps, the other is by trying to only attack the leader. By killing the leader any camp still standing will disappear. This will give you the combined xp from all the camps, but only loot from those camps you actually fought. Killing the bandit leader will give you 10 building licenses. You will find these in the mail.

    And that was it
    Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it and learnt something. and Good luck on your travels in the TSO universe
    From now on build as much or little as you wish
    Welcome to TSO level 17 and your freedom.

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