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Thread: PinkTutuPrincess' Guide for newbies

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    PinkTutuPrincess' Guide for newbies

    Welcome to TSO.

    You have already seen this part and chosen a name and an avatar, the name can be changed if any of the following are true:
    1) it's breaking the PEGI 7.
    2) it's offensive
    3) there is a good reason.

    You contact support and they decide if the reason to change the name is valid enough or not.
    Send a ticket explaining why you wish to change the name, and send along 3 options for them to choose from.
    The avatar absolutely cannot be changed.
    Before I go on, I'll take this time to tell you this game is a PEGI 7 game and all chat must be suitable for 7 year olds.

    This guide will help you during the tutorial stage of the game. Take your time, do not rush through this and the most important thing to remember is to only buy, build, upgrade or trade when the tutorial tells you to and not before. If you take your time you will have a good experience.

    This guide will take you through the following levels

    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 7
    Level 8
    Level 9
    Level 10
    Level 11
    Level 12
    Level 13
    Level 14
    Level 15
    Level 16

    The way Chat tabs look has changed look here for a list on what they look like

    This is what you see, the quest book is the big yellow exclamation mark!
    The only building on the island at the beginning is the Mayor's house, the most important building. This building can not be demolished.

    Clicking the questbook will show you a list.

    The header 'Main Quests' shows the main quests and subquests. This is what you need to concentrate on for now. Also, until you start killing bandits, it's by completing these quests that you will get XP.

    The header 'Side Quests' shows side quests and subquests. These can be done at anytime.

    The header 'Daily Quests' shows you the new quest for the day. As the name says, you get a new one every day but if you don't finish this one it will stay until you do it or cancel it.

    The header 'Waiting Quests' shows quests that will become active after you have finished the daily quest, this also applies to Guild quests. You can not finish the waiting quest untill you have finished or cancelled the daily quest, or finished the Guild quest or the guild leader cancelled the guild quest.

    The header 'Collection Quests' you will get to collect collectibles, known as collies in chat. You get them about twice a day, or to be more accurate, the collies respawn every 8 - 10 hours.

    Back to the first quest

    Your first building also your first quest.

    The quest tells us to build at least 1 Pinewood cutter, we can find it here :

    Click the highlighted items in the build menu. Choose the pinewood cutter and place it on a brighter green area on the island near the trees.

    The pinewood are the dark green trees.

    There we are, you know it's done when you got the arrow telling you the quest is done. What a beautiful cutters hut you've got!
    Open the Quest book

    And accept.

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    Level 2

    Welcome to level 2. Congratulations.


    Build a sawmill
    Mayors house

    The second level starts with you having to build a sawmill, the pinewood sawmill.

    As you can see by the arrow you can build the sawmill from the build menu, the same place you built the pinewood cutter from.
    I'll let you try to find where and how to place it Good luck!

    There we are, the quest is completed as the arrow shows, well done.
    Just click on the green tick on the bottom of quest book, the completed quest will be highlighted.
    As you can see, the side quest has been completed all by itself. You will find that many side quests will do that, and I will explain those later.

    Feel free to finish the side quest as well

    The Mayor's house

    1. select the Mayor's house
    2. select the Intermediate tab
    3. select the Advanced tab
    4. select the Expert tab
    5. select the Elite tab

    The event tab isn't part of the quest; you'll only have it during events.

    Let's click on the Mayor's house and this is what you'll see :

    Click on each of the tabs that are glowing and,

    Congratulations, quest done! Just click the green tick.
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    Level 3

    Congratulations, my Reader! You made it


    We have built a pinetree cutter and a pinetree sawmill. If we let the cutter cut all trees we would be without trees, without trees we would have no planks, without planks we would have no means of building structures. Therefore, we need to build a Pinewood forester.

    Choose the Pinewood forester from the build menu

    ... and place it near the trees.

    Quest done

    Next quest :
    Economy overview :

    After clicking the abacus you'll see:

    • 'Building materials' show anything we use to build like planks, stone, marble, tools and so on
    • 'Food' shows anything that can be eaten (not buffs), but fish, brew, bread and sausages.
    • 'Weapons' shows swords, cannons and other weapons
    • 'Science' shows anything to do with science and books, like paper and nibs
    • 'Resources' shows the rest like wheat, water, meat and so on

    What the economy overview shows is what you are producing and using on a 12 hour period.

    For the planks, they are a building material:

    and for the deposits:

    and you will get:

    On the left side is what you are making and on the right side is what you are using. The number in the bottom centre is the total you are making. Here it's red and a negative number so you are losing 100 trees every 12 hours. I'll explain better on the correct quest, patience You should know what to do when a quest is done.

    Feel free to finish the side quest as well

    Next quest:
    The quest say to have at least 2 pinewood cutters on the island.

    As we already have one, we need to build a new one:

    Well done Next level !
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    Level 4

    Level 4 well done, well done


    You may run out of settlers, don't worry, you get one new every 15 minutes. Be patient!

    Let's continue. Next quest is Perfect wood production, and again we will have a look at the economy window:

    Reading what the quest says, it tells us where to find the pinewood, the deposit and the forester, all under the resource tab and yes, they will be glowing:

    Great! One more task in the quest:

    You do remember how to find the buildings and how to place them? Just in case, a small reminder. You will be using this window a lot!

    Next quest is Surplus of wood: have at least 2 sawmills, you already had one so...

    Building just one is fine. Don't hurry, just wait untill you get planks from them.

    Now to build a tavern to have fun in and let your population have a hot cocoa or cookies and strawberry juice Let's build one! Well, it's a quest :

    You know where to find the buildings to build... go for it!

    Nicely done!

    In this level you get a side quest you can complete too. The letter.

    ...there is some valuable information in the mail

    click on the mail icon. You may need to click twice. This letter will be waiting for you.

    Now let's see what else we need to do...

    Your star should be flashing.

    Click on the star that is flashing. You will see the following:

    ...lets place the stone planks and logs from the star menu in the mayors house

    click on the items one at a time in your star menu. Move your mouse to the Mayors house and click to add them to storage one at a time:

    Side quest complete

    Now Making production chain perfect:

    If you have placed the buildings like I have in this tutorial, You would have to get a friend to help you by buffing you (please see the right quest about buffs and friends).
    And all subquests in the Pinewood plank production quest are done

    Well done!
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    Level 5

    Welcome to lvl 5


    To hire a specialist
    The geologist

    Now to hire a specialist (glowing):

    Let's choose the tavern, remember where you put it?

    Now buy the Geologist. Well done! You now own a specialist and the quest is complete!

    Reading what the finished quest description tells you, you will find that specialist in star menu.

    Next quest is to find stone

    Let's choose the Specialist

    You will see what he can do:

    And that's it, he is now looking for stone.

    You may get the Halve time of specialist quest at this point:

    Click on him in your star menu while he is looking for the stone and press the glowing gem it will halve his search time.

    Quest is now complete.

    This is what it will look like when he found it:

    There are many places to find stone and other resources with the geologist, but you have to own those sectors, this
    map will show you where the resources can be

    Now to use said stone: build a stonemason

    and place it on the map near the stone deposit

    and complete the quest from the questbook.
    Well Done! Next level.

    What happens when this deposit is depleted? Do you have to demolish the stone mason and build one closer to an different quarry?
    The mason doesnt need to be demolished, if you have looked at the map i liknked to, you will see that there are stone deposits in zone 5(the middle middle).
    So lets say, for this example to work, that you have zone 1(starting zone) and zone 5(one in the middle) and the quarry in zone 1 depletes. The mason don't need to be demolished and rebuilt in zone 5, nor do you have to move the building to zone 5. The worker will walk all the way to the next existing quarry to work in. All workers do that, they go to the nearest full deposit from their workyard. it'll take longer, sure, but they will walk all the way.
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    Level 6

    Well done!


    We need more
    Food usage
    The options

    So, we need more stone.

    If you remember from level 3 stones are a building resource, now you know where to look

    Next part is to have atleast 3 masons:


    At this point I did the side quest by sending the Geologist out to find another stone deposit.

    Now we have 2 stone deposits

    I also did the other side quests when building the fisherman below'

    Put a tick to track the quest.

    Press the pin on the build menu to pin it.



    Quest complete.

    Instant build side quest.

    To do this you need a Building in your build list. I did this on the fisherman, Press the gem.

    Quest complete.

    Now, to buid a fisherman:

    You know what to do

    Done with this one too, just click on the green tick you know where and done

    System functions is something important to know how they work:

    Click on the little down arrow, called cogwheel in chat, to get the options

    That's it! You now know how the system works
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    Level 7

    Yay! Only 10 more levels and you will get rid of me


    Last time, we made a fish hut, now we will make use of said fish, making buffs. Once the provision house is built, we will return to it.

    Place it somewhere, while it's being built we can go on with other quests

    Next quest is a bit tricky, Discover new sectors

    Remember the tavern? that's where you get the Explorer from, just like we did the geologist

    But keep an eye on the coins.
    Looking closely at the quest text:

    It says explore 2 sectors, the good news is, the one sector you started with is the first sector explored. You just need to send him out once to find a new sector. From the Star menu choose specialist tab and then the explorer:

    Once he found a new sector you'll get:

    The black arrows are pointing at Zone 1, the sector you start with, and the red arrows at Zone 4, the second sector. Between these 2 sectors are some bollards, these are blue as there are no enemy camps in the newly discovered sector. Had there been any enemy camps there some of the bollards would of been red. If you see red bollards it means that the land, closest to them, belongs to your enemy. Once you kill the enemy leader camp the red bollards turn blue.

    Completed side quest Still lacking stone.

    As promised, back to the buffs...

    ...choose the fishplatter we need to do atleast one... do one

    ...and you may see how long it'll take or just close the window

    Buffs are great They increase the outcome not the income! Read the description of each buff by hovering over it to see how long it lasts and how much it'll increase the outcome.

    Now to use this buff

    Choose the buff from the star menu's buff tab

    The buildings you can use them on will be highlighted as shown

    I chose to place it on a pinewood cutter: seen on the stars surrounding it

    and finally done

    Next level
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    Level 8

    Well done and welcome to Level 8

    Previously we discovered a new zone. Now it's time to claim it. The quest tells us to claim 2 sectors, the one we started with is the first sector claimed and next sector to claim will be zone 4.

    From the building menu choose the store house and place it on the other side of the bollards.

    You now own 2 sectors. Feel free to finish the quest in the quest book

    I don't like the the placement of my provision house, so let's move it

    Choose toolbox

    ...and the move tool.

    Now choose the provision house

    Choose the payment option you like, for the tutorial choose to pay with stones and planks

    ...move it somewhere it's not in the way

    Quest complete
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    Level 9

    Welcome to level 9, just a few more levels and your there

    There is further help to get in your endeavours

    Clicking on the Support and the Forum tab will open a new browser tab.

    Once you have visited these places quest complete.

    We can't build an empire solely on stones and pinewood. Lets use the geologist to find metals
    Copper ore deposit

    From the star menu choose the geologist

    Choose the copper ore and click on the green tick to send him away

    When he is done, you will see the ore deposit:

    But without a mine we can't use the copper ore, lets build one:

    Place the building on top of the deposit

    When it's finished the mine will start producing copper ore for you until it runs out.
    When the mine depletes it will collaps and you will get the building licence back. There is no need to demolish the mine once collapsed, sending the geologist to find copper ore again, will replace the collapsed mine with a new deposit in the same place

    Level 9 DONE!

    Well done so far!
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    Level 10

    Welcome to level 10

    We are missing tools

    To buy tools from the merchant we need to have Gems, we get 100 Gems if we login everyday for 7 days.
    After clicking on the chest choose Resources tab, then choose the tools.


    Good! Now, the tools have been transferred to the star menu. Choose the tools from the star menu and place it on the Mayor's house.

    Over to some more Advanced options

    Great! no more options for you then.

    Now on the other hand we will need coal to keep warm during winter, and to be able to use the ore we have gathered

    As always buildings come from building menu

    ...and place it somewhere

    Coal need pinewood logs, let us take a look at the economy

    That looked good, but next quest asks us to optimize the pinewood production

    On the left side we see how much is being produced, on the right side we see how much is being used. The number at the bottom shows the total number of the produced resource. If it is in green, you are making more than you are using. If it is in red, you are not making enough to have a balanced economy.

    As it is in red and we see that both sawmills and coker are using logs, we choose the coker and click the stop button to make it sleep

    Making the coker sleep, stop producing, And making and placing a fish platter buff on one of my sawmills made the quest finish.

    Well done on this level!
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