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Thread: The Settler Palm Island - الجزيرة المستوطنين النخيل

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    The Settler Palm Island - الجزيرة المستوطنين النخيل

    My current creation for the german forum:

    The Settler Palm Island

    To put it straight to the point: I believe my world map can not be beaten - what could be greater,
    then the whole world I can only create something else, new, and unprecedented .
    Therefore, I got my inspiration by the imagination of other people and an existing,
    artificial island modeled:

    Who does not know the famous palm island "Jumeirah" in the Persian Gulf? - Well, what is possible in Dubai,
    our settlers can fortiori So my urban planners and civil engineers have set to the drawing board
    and created for their hard toiling fellow sufferers on the home islands a worthy holiday destination.

    (click on the picture opens 1:1-Graphic)

    But it would not be DSO-like if it were not a problem.
    According to the motto "First work, then pleasure" the potential tourists must deal with tasks,
    to take possession of the island.

    Spread over the palm fronds and the outer ring there were at first the usual suspects.
    bandit camps and forest traps.
    Well, we already know them from an infinite number of adventures - so nothing really new.

    Furthermore, we find a lot of other buildings on the island that enjoy a certain special status.
    Of course, luxury villas may not be missing on the palm fronds. After all, during their
    leave our settlers need a roof over their heads.
    In order not to have always to rely on DSO-buildings - which of course are here - I've been looking at the last Settlers games
    and plundered there vigorously. Thanks to "The Settlers 3 + 4",
    there are very many of their buildings on this island again - a tribute to the old days .
    However, it was necessary to adjust the S3/S4 Graphics to the DSO circumstances:
    They are larger, so they had to be scaled down (only S4-Buildings, here at 75%).
    They are reversed left to right, so they had to be mirrored.
    They have no shadowing, so they had to be "shadowed".
    But I have still done this or that new house.
    And in addition to this I have some of the new buildings from the upcoming Christmas event spread on the island: p

    (Click on the picture opens 1:1-Graphic)

    [IMG] [/ IMG]

    The bandit camp and forest traps are occupied differently and must be defeated to take to the various sectors
    and to offset the military camp there. The Special buildings include various tasks, that need to be met.
    But there's the player's level appropriate rewards. All the other buildings have no function.

    Also in this adventure the routes are predetermined. However, they will emerge from the topography of the island.

    The roads on the island are very long and partly cumbersome. This is intentional, because this card is designed for a
    long playing time. That's why there's only room for 6 military camp. I think seven days should last at least.

    Below are some details of the island:

    At the end of this article still a little mystery for you :

    Who knows all DSO foreign buildings (objects) on the map ???
    But don't only count them - name them.
    أنا أحد المستوطنين الفقراء - - Ego sum pauper colonus - - Why am I doing it ? - Because I can ! -

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    I realy love the work you put into these things, they are awesome!
    keep it up u might get to be adventure map designer at some point
    Retired settler, may 2012 - oktober 2017

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    Very very nice.

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