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Thread: [Guide] Posting Lightshot prntscr Screenshots

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    [Guide] Posting Lightshot prntscr Screenshots


    The Hidden Trick to prntscrs

    This comes up fairly often so here's a (very) quick "How To" for posting Lightshot's "prntscr" screenshots in the forum.

    "prntscr" URLs don't work with the BB code image tags [IMG] [/IMG] or the forum post "Insert Image" button:


    They need a little extra help.

    Open the "prntscr":

    Rightclick the image:

    Either copy the image URL there or open the image in a new tab and copy it from the address bar:

    Use the [IMG] [/IMG] tags or the "Insert Image" button on the new URL:


    And voila! Your picture is visible!

    Other handy non-Lightshot image and screenshot info can be found in a number of places in the forum. Here are a few things:

    Image Uploading Guide

    BB Code list [IMG]

    Forum FAQ -> Reading and Posting Messages -> Attachments and Images
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    Doesn't work for lightshot anymore for quite some time now. Posting it to imgur will work, as you seem to have done anyway?

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    geez. it's a 5 year old post

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