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Thread: Welcome to our new GM, BB_RobinHood!

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    Welcome to our new GM, BB_RobinHood!

    Dear Settlers,

    As promised, a new Game Master is joining the European English Community Team.
    We searched far and wide for a good match and eventually we found one so I am proud to introduce the newest addition to our Team: BB_RobinHood.

    We're counting on our merry Community to offer him a warm welcome.
    Thank you!

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    Thanks Ravel! And hello everyone!

    I'm really looking forward to being part of this community. I have heard great things and I am excited to be part of it!

    Although I am new to The Settlers Online, I am no stranger to the Settlers series and have played since the early days of the Commodore Amiga. So needless to say I am excited to tick this one off on my list!
    I hope everyone has the best New Year and Christmas to date!

    See you around!


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    Dear Settlers,

    Now that we have a new dedicated colleague, I shall go back (fulltime) to the French Version. I'd like to thank you all for having welcomed me. 
    Best of luck to our new colleague, BB_RobinHood and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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