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Thread: clearing new clouds on expanded main ?

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    Question clearing new clouds on expanded main ?

    I have new clouds on my main island and I can see a glimpse of bandits just below.
    Can anyone tell me the following: Please
    1, How to explore this map without fighting.
    2, How to fight,
    3, Does anyone have a walk-through guide to minimizing losses.

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    1. Level 50 players can use the explorer to "explore far away sector"
    2. You can move a general or 2 there once you're at level 50 and have the quest to place the new storehouse there.
    3. Its recommended to reach level 56 or 57 for the new troops to have the lowest losses for each camp.

    You can test for yourself on the test server.

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    I'm lvl 51 and have taken out most of the camps with two MMA gens using 1r, and am on the last but one sector. Just need to whittle them down slowly when the gens are not being used for anything else... Some later camps are better tackled with an MMA and 220lb (sword clashers usually) just to speed things up a little as 1r attacks only kill 1 unit and sometimes I'll send 220r (but only if there are no first strike units)for the same reason.

    Also found this on the wiki but wasn't willing to lose that many troops as it will be a while before I can unlock the sectors anyway so have just been using it as a rough guide:

    You can only clear clouds from a sector if you've killed all the camps in the previous one.

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