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Thread: Dismiss troops

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    Dismiss troops

    i know this has been suggested before but want to bring it back in...

    why cant we dismiss troops instead of having to "blow them up on an adventure" ?
    like you have to dump/dismiss 1500 bowmen to train something else for an adventure...
    just being able to dismiss an amount of them would be great...
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    This would be a utter waste of the developers time. If you don't have the right troop mix to attempt a particular without having to dump troops either before or after then obviously your attempting adventures beyond what your population allows. The simple solution to this is to increase your pop max.
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    I don't see why it couldn't be implemented, say a 50% loss of weapons. I'm seem to remember once my Island was conquered I had a right rag tag army of random troops that could of been better used than just blowing them up. As for Dorotheus's just increase population this isn't always viable in any quick fashion.

    As for developers time being wasted, they are tinkering with group chat at least 6 months after the majority stopped doing co-ops and group chat isn't really desperately need for lootspots, I think developers might have more time than you think.

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