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Thread: Uncaring Bears [RCBA] (English, polski)

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    Cool Uncaring Bears [RCBA] (English, polski)

    Uncaring Bears is once again looking for new members!
    We're mostly interested in players who are active, patient,
    polite, and independent, who like to play their own way instead of following some guides,
    but also aren't affraid to write on chat sometimes or ask for help when they need it.

    The guild currently consists of 10 members, level median is 47.
    There are no plans on expanding the guild past 20 members.

    We don't sell loot spots to fellow guildies - either give them away or exchange them for another ls.

    We don't do several adventures per day, more likely a few every week,
    so if you like to rush things you might not feel good with us...

    In order to join simply ask bodecki for an invitation,
    via an ingame message. Any questions you might have are also welcome, in the game as I don't check the forums very often.

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