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Thread: When we can't stack adv. can we get an search function instead?

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    Lightbulb When we can't stack adv. can we get an search function instead?

    Now with hundres of adv. in our star menu we use alot of time to scroll through all our adv. and I complely lost track of what I have and where it is....
    But when you have announced it's not possible to stack adv. then give us a search function instead, I will feel it will make up for the missing stacking.
    and maybe a function where there are check boxes what you want to have displayed "FT, ressource-, exp. adv. and so on".
    It will make our TSO life alot easier.

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    For that matter, simply having them in a logical sequence would help..

    I've never understood why they are in the order they are:

    Bandit Nest
    The Buccaneer Roundup
    Heart of the Wood
    Riches of the Mountain
    The Grain Conflict
    Lakeside Treasure
    Wild Mary
    Arctic Explosion....

    They aren't Alpha-sorted, they aren't by Adventure type. They aren't by difficulty, nor by number of players.

    What is the secret of the sequence?

    Please, just sort them Alphabetically (and yes, I do mean sensibly, ignoring "The")

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