Many members of our Community have suggested some great ideas that improve the game in some way. Particularly lately, we've had a large number of suggestions, but some have been difficult to follow as successive posts are added to the original that often stray from the point. To ensure none of your ideas are overlooked, we have a few recommendations to help keep things organised.

Recommendations when posting a new thread

Don't open a new thread for an existing suggestion
Before posting, we'd appreciate it if you took the time to check whether someone has already made the same suggestion. You can do this by using the search function, or simply scrolling through the existing suggestions.
If you notice a new thread for a previously suggested idea, feel free to inform the Community or Moderation Teams for a merge.
Thank you to the players already doing this!
Please stick to one suggestion per thread
We often encounter threads where players have included all their game improvement ideas within one post. While we understand this is comfortable for the original poster, it is not ideal. This can lead to confusing threads as people comment on one or more aspects of the original post and the topic tends to stray. Therefore, we'd prefer it if you took the time to create separate threads or to add your opinions to already existing suggestions.

Avoid generic thread titles
The thread title should give an idea as to the contents of your suggestion. Please keep in mind that generic names such as "Awesome/my/great suggestion" appear to get less feedback.

Be as clear as possible
Try to state your idea as simply and accurately as possible. Some of our Community don't speak English as a first language, so clarity is very important when trying to convey your thoughts.
Where possible please add pictures, detailed descriptions, or any other information that might help others understand your point of view.

Recommendations when offering feedback

Keep your comments constructive
We want to read all about the reasons why you agree or disagree with a certain suggestion, but it's preferable and more productive to avoid being overly argumentative. Instead of simply criticising previous posts, please try and focus on offering constructive feedback or positive alternatives to a presented idea. We all have different levels and playing styles so one player's needs might not coincide with your own.

Elaborate on your thoughts
Please try to refrain from using a +/-1 system as it's not ideal. We are thankful for all types of feedback, but it is preferable to add details on the reasons behind your opinion as this may improve and expand upon the original suggestion.

Please start new threads for new ideas
While we appreciate it when players are expanding on or adjusting the original idea in their comments, if you are inspired to a completely new idea or your suggestion has a different goal to that of the original poster, please open another thread. This will not only help keep the current thread on the original subject but it also helps to determine the popularity of the suggested ideas.

There is a constant influx of good suggestions and we hope structuring your posts this way will ensure your ideas are easy to access for the rest of the Community.
Thank you for taking the time to look over these recommendations!

BB_Ravel and the MOD Team