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Thread: [INTL] Intel Huis Clos is open for new players

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    [INTL] Intel Huis Clos is open for new players

    Hi all,

    We've been around for quite some time, but never really put effort into making that known to the rest of the community... until now that is

    We are an easy-going but active Guild of various nationalities, always looking for new members. You can be any level as we are able to support lower level members and help guide them through the game But of course, higher level players are more than welcome as well!

    We have very few rules, just be over 18 since the chat is unmoderated. Other than that, just trade freely and give as much as you take-resources, lootspots and buff swaps should be even so that everyone gets the most out of the Guild. That's about it, there's no membership fee, no pressure on completing daily quests and daily login is not a strict requirement.

    Please message sjakieouwe, Dataminmatar, SupremeZwilnik or KanslozeClown if you wish to known more about us or apply for a Trial Membership.
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