Holdudvar guild from sandycove is looking for active members.

We are lively interacting guild, where people love to help each other out, have a small talk (or a deep one) on the chat, we communicate and we stand by each other.

The price of the membership: You do the same and you do your guild quests. That's all.
The main language in the guild used for chat is English. There are also many Hungarian members.

If we have full 100 people in the guild, don't hesitate to apply anyway. There are always people, that have stopped playing and can be replaced with an active member. So you have a good chance to get accepted anyway.

Contact: Holdudvar, Zsoti, Anoq, pauantbro, LadyHall, El_Gringo
You are welcome to write to any of us at any time (not only while this thread is recent )

Happy settling!