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    plz helpppp how are you suppose to do the production in 12hrs quests when do what it says they keep changing from one to the other from green tick back to grey and visa versa??????

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    Understanding those production quests is key to understanding the game economy in my opinion. I would suggest you try a number of things...
    - turn off any buildings not necessary for the quest (like if you have to produce pinewood but not bows, turn off your bowmaker temporarily while doing the quest....though don't forget to turn it on again after completing the quest).
    - buff any buildings necessary to get production up (with fish platters should work) such as pinewood sawmills if you need the pinewood planks at a certain level or pinewood cutters if you need pinewood logs
    If that isn't enough you might need to move building closer to a storehouse, to reduce the travel time, or maybe to upgrade them to a higher level (though careful when upgrading, it can throw out the other elements of the quest (cause more to move from 'green' to 'grey').

    Hope this helps.

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