We are pretty New on the guild thing but we have atm 94 members all counted for and all active,but we want to fill up the last spots With high end lv players,some of us in guild have played together for 3 years..and we acept all countrys..but guild chat is spoken on English..we are very organized and focused on the guild quest..so if you dont ever do it..you can og to an other mail and look for another guild guild chat is alive day and night,so would be Nice if you are a chatty one to but ofc we can not force you to be lol

we make abouth 170/180 guild coins each day since New system arrived and improving evry day

prntscr.com/9y9nt1 (( for the forum mods link is TSO related)

hit ouer apply button or contact me marjon the_mistress or sumdudeman for applying or if you have any questions