What is Pay it Forward all about??

We all got loads of help getting started in this game and in this guild we don't pay it back, we pay it forward. We help the lower levels build a strong and selfsustaining economy. Once they reach 'maturity' they will start doing the same and so the cycle continues. Take note there is a fine line between asking for help and taking advantage of our help. The latter will not be tolerated. If you have a hard time accepting help beacuse you think it's just too much then you are perfect for PitF . You'll have to learn to receive before you can give away.

Chat rules

This is Pegi 7 so no swearing, indecent language, insults, name calling or whatever other sign of disrespect. Not because we are all 7 years old and need to be protected from inproper content, but because it keeps things peacefull and enjoyable for all. Treat eachother kindly.
To those that do activly chat: Green light on other players doesn't mean they are actually in game at that moment. People can be away from the computer or be busy working in other tabs. It's nothing personal if we do not respond. When someone suddenly stops talking it's probably real life intervening and real life is ALWAYS more important. Furthermore take in mind that this is a multinational guild and that for most of us English is not the first language and on top of that written communication is prone to lead to misunderstandings. So be patient and when conflicts arise do try to solve things peacefully, if you need help by all means contact one of the admins. Rage quitting is never wise. Think before you speak.

Loot Spots and loot recovery
It is not mandatory to offer lootspots in guild (you can sell or swap them on trade or in whisper) but if you do offer them in guild, they are supposed to be free of charge and they are supposed to go to lower levels first, if there are no takers, then higher levels can accept. It's a nice chance for lower levels to get some highend resources and to get the hang of adventuring. Swapping lootspots is permitted (via whisper). Loot recovery is also permitted (on loot recovery the person that takes the LS agrees to send all or part of the loot over to the owner of the adventure, especially when on premium that's a lovely way to help eachother out). Make sure you advertise your adventure spot correctly. If you accept free loospots we do expect you to pay those forward too and to not sell all your own Lootspots on trade.
There are some exception on free Lootspots. The fairytale adventures and the lvl 50+ adventures are crazy expensive so you can ask for coins in guild.

Guildrate is always 1 fish unless both trade parties decide otherwise (preferably in whisper). You can ask for anything you could possible need. If we can we will provide. The giver decides if he can give and in what amounts. So the asker just sais what he needs, no demands on amounts. The more expensive the resource, the smaller the chance that we can help out, but we will sure try. Remember though that TSO really is a patience game. The more expensive the resource the longer you will have to be patient to reach the lvl at wich those resources will become a bit more readily available to you. If none of us can afford to send the resouces we will think of alternatives like sending other resouces so they can be sold for coins on trade. If we send resources your way don't hesitate to click accept. No matter how much it may seem. The beauty of pay it forward is that we have resources in abundance and we like to share. You will do exaclty the same when you reach lvl 40-ish. It is NOT allowed to sell resources you were given UNLESS both parties agreed that that was the purpose of transfering the resources. You are allowed to give stuff away to other guildies though. If you have received way more then you need you can pay it forward . It is not appreciated if you only come in chat to ask for stuff only to disappear again.

If you are not a very chatty person that's fine. If you are online though and you see a request for help to wich noone is responding it is appreciated if you help out if you are able to. But it's by no means an obligation.

Real life
This is a game, It's just pixles and we are all just virtual ships crossing in the night. Real life is ALWAYS more important. You are repsondible for your own time management. Make sure you do not spend too much time on here if it does damage to your real life situation. It's perfectly fine if you can't be online every day. If you are to leave for a longer periode of time though, please let us know so we won't have to wonder if you quitt playing. If you decide to leave TSO, please leave the guild first. Again so we don't have to wonder where you went and if you are still playing. If you decide to come back to the game and we're still here, you are welcome to rejoin .

Pay it Forward is run by a lively group of leaders. They include Kinggroom, Judoka, Omega10, Berlaine and Butterflylady. If you want to try us out you are more than welcome to come over for a trial