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Thread: [WIP] Suggestion Index

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    [WIP] Suggestion Index

    I have been thinking about how to get more structure into this subforum. There are lots of threads right now and there is not really any kind of overview which makes it a bit difficult to find suggestions. Due to so many submissions, interesting ideas get buried and even extensive discussions are forgotten after some time. Forum search is not used by many people, resulting in duplicate topics which are being merged by mods, still the amount of suggestions grows weekly, making it difficult to keep track of all that creativity.

    Thus, I would like to gather all suggestions into one place; but not like the current "Needful Things" thread by Smiffy2204 - more like a link catalog, sorted alphabetical and by topic. It would be like an index of all suggestions - no discussions, just a simple overview to make things easier for users (who don't use forum search) and probably also for devs who don't have the time to screen through hundred pages of a subforum.

    This could be made a sticky later (as soon as it is done) that can be updated on a regular basis by me or any mod who wants to continue with this. What I'm asking for is a bit of help because I can't go through everything myself. So if anyone would like to contribute, just post the links and a category (user interface/merchant/new building/specialists/trading/etc) - if you just post your own suggestions that is totally fine. I will then go through all of them, arrange them in a certain layout and add them to this post.

    For starters I think we shouldn't go back more than a few months. Some of the suggestions might be obsolete - pls post them anyway. I will add a category "obsolete" or something like that, so people can check if their "new" idea was discussed in the past but hasn't been patched into the game. Maybe we can also find a way to edit old threads and add some kind of flag/flair to the title, e.g. [obs] Title (=obsolete).

    About categories: feel free to suggest some of your own, respectively let me know how I should name them.

    I will start with my own suggestions, as well as a couple from other users so you get the idea how this will look in the future


    Game Suggestion Index

    Map Design
    New Buildings
    User Interface
    Can’t be patched into game
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