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Thread: [Change Log] 13/04/2016

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    [Change Log] 13/04/2016

    12th 13th of April 2016

    • Easter Event: Complete deactivation
      The Easter 2016 Event is completely deactivated, as per the announced Removal Phases.
    • Changes in blocking and building space
      As previously announced, an increase in available building space was targeted with this update.
      Extra space is added in some cases (e.g. sector 17) and blocking is modified for several buildings and areas.
      Existing deposits cannot be removed, but more building space is available overall with the recent changes.
      A "Move Building" Event is also planned with this deployment.

    • Shop: (Buff) Bottled Innocence and Improved Butcher are available in shop.
    • Specialist: Quartermaster General garrison is resized and can now be placed on regular landing spots.
    • UI: Text in the Event Info window no longer gets truncated.
    • Specialist: Sturdy Shovel now awards the correct amount of resources for Long treasure searches
    • UI: Guild quest progress is no longer displayed in the Quest Book Adventure window.
    • TO: Fur, Magic Stone and Sacred Stone are no longer displayed in the Trade Office.
    • Help: Chat information is updated in the Help Window Archive
    • UI: Lock Countdown message can no longer be edited by players.
    • Adventure: Started adventures are correctly removed from the Star Menu.
    • Adventure: Defence areas are removed for boss camps on The Nords, Invasion of the Nords, Surprise Attacks and Arctic Explosion.
    • Adventure: A camp on Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom is no longer empty.
    • Adventure: Landing spots for generals are adjusted for Invasion of the Nords, Aladdin and the Oil Lamp, Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge, Sinbad and the Besieged City, Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess and Ali Baba and the Second Thief
    • UI: It is now possible to visit a started adventure from the PvP Defense Mode
    • Expeditions: Building spots no longer disappear on PvP maps
    • UI: Loot from Mystery Boxes is now displayed as flying to Star Menu
    • Adventure: Camps in More Secluded Experiments have been rearranged for extra challenge.
    • Alerts (avatar message and sound) are present again when an adventure is started
    • Adventure: Camps with 0 units are now defeated
    • UI: Decorations can be placed near deposits again
    • Adventure: The "Collect all" quest counter in Riches of the Mountain now works as intended
    • Chat: Correct tooltip is displayed for Level 5 chat unlock
    • Building: The Settlers HQ can no longer be moved in order to prevent Locked Zones and building loss
    • UI: Text is adjusted in the pop-up displayed when demolishing Gem Pit
    • UI: Adventure chat colours are adjusted to make names visible
    • Building: The Football Tournament Trophy from past soccer events is tradeable again.
    • UI: Applying Wedding Cake buff now displays custom notification
    • TO: Icons are added for Military Event items
    • TO: Repeating the same trade now works as intended

    You are invited to provide change log feedback > here <
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