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Thread: How to include an image in your forum post

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    How to include an image in your forum post

    There are two basic ways to upload an image to the forum, depending on whether the image is a screenshot, or saved to your computer.

    For a saved image:

    The easiest way is to use the image uploader here.

    Here you can choose the file you want to use, and upload it

    The next screen will provide a code to copy and paste directly into your forum post

    be sure to copy all the brackets!

    From a screenshot:

    If your image is produced using Lightshot or other screenshot app, the process is a little more complex.

    Take your screenshot, and OPEN it, rather than copy the screenshot link provided.

    Then right click on the image in the browser, and choose Copy image address from the menu.

    On your forum post, click the Insert Image button above the text box

    This will open a window, in which you can paste the Image address you just copied. Using the screenshot address (eg prntscrn....) will result in your image not showing in the post.

    Press ok, and you are ready to go
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    Hi Everyone!

    If you like to post an image on a topic you need an external 'Image server' to put your images..

    I've run one for years, and now, after six years it's updated to a new version.
    Now you can not only upload .jpg, but also .gif and .png images.
    Even animated gif, if not too big, will work.

    Including these new features we have added more security:
    * SSL connection
    * Indecipherable filename (not just numbers you can add up, so imagenumers are very hard to guess.)
    * NEW: Easy copy button to copy the url in your pasteboard, the code is optimized for use in the settlers forums.

    Please feel free to give your comments below.

    Thank you

    Please feel free to test it here:

    It's as simple as 1,2,3...

    for bigger: click image

    Thank you
    Love ,

    Amy Safeunderdark
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