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Thread: [Contest] European Football Prediction Competition 2016

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    [Contest] European Football Prediction Competition 2016

    Predict match results of this year's European Football Championship in France and win nice prizes for your game account...

    Dear Settlers,

    Can you predict a winner? Test out your powers of foresight by choosing the result of matches played during the European Football Championship of 2016! Every day that matches are played you have the chance to win 2 Match Day Rewards by figuring out the winner for every match listed below. Correctly predicting the Final Match winner of the European Football Championship makes you a contender for the Main Prizes. Buildings, buffs and resources are up for grabs!

    • Starts: 10th of June 2016
    • Finishes: 10th of July 2016
    • Main Prizes Deadline: 12th of June - 11.59 PM BST
    • Match Day Rewards Deadline: Before the kick-off of each game

    The Community Event is related to football and the objective is to predict the results of the match chosen for that day.
    Who will win the game? Or maybe it's a draw...

    Your prediction for the Final Match winner of the European Football Championship must be inserted in the corresponding thread before the deadline in order to qualify for the Main Prizes (no draws possible during that match).
    • To participate, post your prediction in the corresponding thread to that match (e.g. France, draw).
    • Your post must contain your guess only and you are only allowed to post once per thread/match.
      Off-topic comments will be removed and will render the entry invalid. Posting multiple times will render all posts invalid.
    • Any posts added after the announced deadlines will not be considered during the draw.
    • The winners will be randomly chosen by post number and correct prediction.
      If your post wins the draw, but your prediction is incorrect or invalid, another participant is selected randomly again.
    • Winners will be announced on the following day/ working day.
    • Rewards will be sent via in-game mail shortly after the announcement.

    The selected matches for the first stage can be seen below and the list will be filled in as soon as the teams are decided.
    Click on the match to go to the corresponding thread and make your prediction.
    Don't forget to choose the Final Winner before June 12th (23.59 BST)!

    Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

    Good luck!
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    Match Day Rewards

    For each match, 2 lucky winners are randomly selected. You can check the rewards in the corresponding thread.
    The rewards are different for most of the match days.

    Main Prizes

    3 Main Winners are selected randomly from the Final Match thread. A correct prediction can award you one the following:
    1. Arabian Palace and 30 Premium Days
    2. Epic Woodyard and 20 Premium Days
    3. Frozen Manor and 10 Premium Days

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