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Thread: adv the Island of the Pirates - detailed NO blocks - LD200 added

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    adv the Island of the Pirates - detailed NO blocks - LD200 added

    adv Island of the Pirates - detailed 3M variant

    LD200 - MMA220 - VET250 - MG270 + GEN200 reg+fast = NO BLOCKS / maybe additional some block suggestions
    resume/filter of many existing guides + additions

    xp 2752
    the map=
    for detailed camp numbers use in this post

    LOOT picture=

    the Section 03 over-all-block is not part of this guide
    ref -killste coll guide http://
    ref - map http://

    the RECRUIT-only achievement - in short
    ref -killste coll guide http://
    BUT resumed and correct R-GUIDE = all camps except Lc10 = ATT GEN +200/220/250R - use LD200 + MMA220 to save recruits.
    for ATT Lc10 =
    **VET250= +250R lost 145R [OR] **MG270= +270R lost 145R.
    **all other generals - *wave01= 117R - *wave02= 200R
    To save many recruits only is possible,
    - use some blocks
    - attack Lc10 in 2x waves - MMA220 + 1R + any GEN loaded with R, apply the same tactic with LD200
    ***tested Lc10= result = lost 59R.(att w2= MMA220 +220R)
    *** tested C09 with wave01 LD200 +1R + wave02 MMA220 - lost 35R.

    The Guide

    Units needed, maximum:
    300R 10M 165S 155E 1B 250C
    if you have K - add 120K + MMA220 for the last attack Lc10 - K does not work on other attacks !!!
    OR for the same last attack Lc03 the right amount for VET250 or MG270
    Where is mentioned S/ES = choose free, has been tested on S but ES will give MAYBE better result
    Where only ES is mentioned do not exchange into S, first check with a simulator
    losses max 496R - min 388 OR min 220R and even less (depending to GEN + block + risk)

    see partial map G1 =

    YOU CAN ATTACK FROM ANY FREE SPOT - just be carefull in you start 2nd , 3rd attack keep distance to avoid interception

    G01 - travel + free section 01

    S01 C01

    due to limited land-spots
    send 1st = att C01

    any GEN= 9R +1S +190C - LOST 6R
    LD200= 6R +3M +1S +199C - LOST 4R
    MMA220= +1S +199C - LOST zero
    VET250= +1S/ES +249C - LOST zero

    S01 C02

    see map= /

    any GEN= 37R +3M +125S/ES - LOST 36R
    LD200= 36R +3M +125S/ES - LOST 35R
    MMA220= 34R +3M +63S/ES - LOST 31R

    S01 Lc03

    any GEN= 91R +109S/ES - LOST 79R
    LD200= 88R +3M +109S/ES - LOST 67R
    MMA220= 50R +95S/ES - LOST 42R
    VET250= 74R +168S/ES - LOST 68R

    Section 01 is now FREE - more GARR spots are available - time to land/transfer all GEN
    if you plan to BLOCK put the right GEN on the reserved spots

    Section 02 - C04 - C05 - Lc06

    detailed MAP 1 = http://
    detailed MAP 1 = http://

    S02 C04

    any GEN= 50R +3M +147S/ES - LOST 47R
    LD200= 50R +3M +147S/ES - LOST 47R
    MMA220= 35R +3M +60S/ES - LOST 30R

    S02 C05

    ANY GEN= 42R +3M +100S/ES losses 34R - 40R - 45R 1S
    LD200= 42R +3M +100S/ES - LOST 39R
    MMA220= 21R +3M +36S/SE losses 13R - 19R - 24R

    S02 Lc06

    any GEN= 47R +3M +150S (36R - 43R - 50R 1S)]
    LD200= 47R +3M +150S/ES - LOST 43R
    MMA220= 47R +3M +75S losses 33R - 41R - 50R

    Section 03 -part01- C07 - C08 - Trap Caltrop
    Section 03 -part02- C09 - Lc10

    ref - guide http://
    ref - map http://

    S03 C07

    ANY GEN= 59R +141S losses 36R - 48R - 58R 1S
    LD200= 50R +3M +147S/ES - LOST 46R
    MMA220= 52R +80S/SE losses 36R - 46R - 52R 1S
    VET250= 52R +175S/SE losses 36R - 46R - 52R 1S

    S03 Trap

    ANY GEN= 23R +100S losses 7R - 16R - 23R 1S
    LD200= 19R +3M +100S/ES - LOST 17R
    MMA220= 23R +3S/ES losses 7R - 16R - 23R 1S

    S03 C08

    ANY GEN= 57R +125S/ES losses 48R - 53R - 57R 1S
    LD200= 53R +3M +125S/ES - LOST 30R
    MMA220= 35R 35S/ES losses 25R - 30R - 35R

    x2 WAVE ATTACK= just to save more recruits

    wave 01= ANY GEN= 38R

    wave 02=
    ANY general: 8R +1S +191C (4R - 6R - 8R)
    VET250= 1R +249C - lost zero

    S03 C09

    ANY GEN= 47R +3M +150S - losses 31R - 41R - 50R 1S
    LD200= 44R +3M +150S - lost 41R
    MMA220= 47R +67S losses 30R - 40R - 47R 1S

    final attack
    S03 Lc10

    LD200= 160R +1M +39ES - LOST 154R

    MMA220= 69R +151S/ES losses 55R - 63R - 69R
    MMA220= 59R +1M +120K losses 47R - 53R - 58R 1M

    VET250= 147R +3M +100S losses 137R - 145R - 150R
    VET250= 98R +3M +149K losses 83R - 90R - 98R 3M

    MG270= 94R +1M +165K losses 83R - 90R - 94R 1M

    This guide works fine for me, any mistypes will be subjected to redact.
    Happy ? Sure I am. Enjoyable and relaxed. ==> Visit Guild FB41

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    S01 C01
    LD200= 6R +3M +1S +199C - LOST 4R
    Of course just a mistype <?> should be = LD200= 6R +3M +1S +190C - LOST 4R = indeed !!
    Welcome by Bo

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