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Thread: Football Winners List

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    Football Winners List

    Listed below are all the Winners from the European Football Prediction Competition. The list will be updated everytime winners are drawn.

    Match Day 1: Fan-Tom-As & Luohan (Invasion of the Nords)

    Match Day 2: Dundo & Syltasapajk (1 Premium Day)

    Match Day 3: Dmsd & Wiseishe (5 Medipacks)

    Match Day 4: Picanmix & Fidodido7777 (Return to the Bandit Nest)

    Match Day 5: Antasil & DonMoi (10 Drill Sargent Skunk)

    Match Day 6: Gorick & Blup (3 Rain of Arrows)

    Match Day 7: Pilgrim & ScooterWebb! (Deerstalker Hut)

    Match Day 8: DrAwkward & popi27 (More Secluded Experiments)

    Match Day 9: NIkllas & Raigemees (10 Stadium Snacks)

    Match Day 10: Morgulant & Bobbydre (Premium Day)

    Match Day 11: Luxipigus & HFoC (2 Watermills)

    Match Day 12: alperk & The-Wiking (1000 Omniseeds)

    Match Day 13: kingci & Etesan (800 Grout)

    Match Day 14: ICI35 & rocket19 (Improved Storehouse)

    Match Day 15: TheVictorious & limun032 (Improved Butcher)

    Match Day 16: Sheddoe & SimoneMarijnisse (Improved Silo)

    Match Day 17: DaisyDuke & terijanka (Improved Farm)

    Match Day 18: Mechtet & SteKinnear (3 Bag of Rainbow Snow)

    Match Day 19: lnViCTuS & LadyHall (3 Fish Farms)

    Match Day 20: DagonM & Hitman_net (Improved Storehouse)

    Match Day 21: Rosiyan & LillyAmy (Arabian Tower)

    Match Day 22: lordduffer & Katila (Arabian Residence)

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    The European Football Prediction Competition has come to an end.
    Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the lucky winners below!

    1st Prize: limalhadeferro

    Arabian Palace and 30 Premium Days

    2nd Prize: Fanfas
    3rd Prize: Linq2
    Epic Woodyard and 20 Premium Days
    Frozen Manor and 10 Premium Days

    The prizes will be sent by the end of the week.
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