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Thread: [Sneak Peek] Star Menu Sorting & Filtering

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    [Sneak Peek] Star Menu Sorting & Filtering

    First insights: Star Menu sorting & filtering - Sneak Peek about the next test server version

    Sneak peek is a brief information about one of the upcoming game versions and may not reflect the final status of the content.
    Once the game version is finalised, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.

    Dear Settlers!

    With the Star Menu stacking that was implemented early 2016, the comfort increased a lot already. Back then we promised that another comfort feature will be added to the game. Now it's time to test these implementations.

    Look forward to be able to sort and filter the star menu and even search with a free text field!

    As you can see, several options to find what you are looking for will be added to the Star Menu.

    • Sort by Amount, Name, Date, Type and Default
    • Search for free text (item name)
    • Filter: Show only Specialists, Resources, Buffs, Buildings, Adventures or "Misc" and show all
    Furthermore the Star Menu window can be pinned (similar to the Building Menu).

    Several more UI improvements are still planned - such as a movable and resizeable Star Menu window.

    Help us test the first iteration of the new Star Menu window.
    A brand new test version will be available most likely on Thursday at!
    Please drop by the test server forum and leave your feedback, bug reports and suggestions!

    If you want to provide general feedback about this Sneak Peek,
    > feel free to comment in this thread <

    Happy Settling,
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