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Thread: 2016 Football - event - match Round of 16

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    2016 Football - event - match Round of 16

    For the complete overview for all matches go to this new post= 315823

    Very pleased with the new TSO graphic layout of the matches.

    29 Buffs needed - and if you look very good - you still can split the required Buffs to get the partial sub-quest done.
    Just see example Mid02 - Dribbler x3 buffs needed x3 Tackle OR x3 Foul witch I filled in with x2 Tackle + x1 Foul.
    Although impossible if you build your buffs in advance !! My spreadsheet based upon collectables gives me a ranking on the Buffs = 3 groups
    EASY Those I can use in 1st rank ( like Red Card ) MEDIUM and HEAVY (those hard to collect the needed amount of dropped collectables ) - just to keep it a little under control. Although I am not able to get 100% out of an event I still can try to make the best of it.

    Have fun and do Enjoy !! Remember= TSO says: 5 buff = 6 Ball = 5 Blue gem !!!
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