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Thread: Welcome to BB_Melgrax!

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    Welcome to BB_Melgrax!

    Dear Settlers,

    As we all know life can be fluid and not much is set in stone so the TSO Community Team is constantly evolving. As part of this evolution BB_RobinHood has been called to new and hopefully exciting adventures. We wish him all the best and thank him for his contribution.

    As a result, a new BB has been called for duty in the person of BB_Melgrax. We have been working together for some years and he is one of my favourite people in the Team (mainly cause he is an amazing cook and always brings us treats, but shush! don't tell him that ).

    So let's give him a warm welcome to the "The Settlers Online" Team as I know he is looking forward to meeting our vibrant and passionate Community.


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    Hello Settlers,

    And thank you Ravel for the great introduction, guess I’ll have to give you a cookie for that . I’ve known The Settlers Online Community Team for quite a while already and I’m immensely looking forward to get to know its players and fans.

    I’m very excited to work on The Settlers Online as for a long time I’ve been a fan of the Settlers franchise. My first adventure with the Settlers started with The Settlers II. It was a demo from a magazine. I’ve completed it dozens of times, but each time a sense of frustration was getting over me – the demo content ended shortly after you got the donkeys (or a little bit afterwards). Demo was not enough. Shortly afterwards, I’ve got the full version. Up to this day, it’s the edition that is the closest to my heart. My next favorite edition was the Settlers IV. Dark Tribe gave a new edge to the game and entirely different gameplay style. I found myself very intrigued by its story as well. The Settlers Online combines many things I’ve always loved about the Settlers franchise and I can’t wait to be a part of this Community.

    See you on the forums and in the chat!


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