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Thread: [Sneak Peek] Halloween Event 2016

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    [Sneak Peek] Halloween Event 2016

    Halloween 2016: First insights about the upcoming Event

    A Sneak Peek is a brief information about one of the upcoming game versions and may not reflect the final status of the content. Once the game version is finalised, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.

    Dear Settlers!
    The Halloween Event will start worldwide in October 2016.
    It is planned to deploy it for the first time on the international test server today (Thursday, 18th of August 2016). Visit the test environment (link) to have a closer look and make sure to share your feedback on the test server's forum.

    Here is some pre-release information for you, a more detailed Dev Diary will be published later.

    • Start: October 18th (after game update)
    • Removal phase: November 8th
    • Deactivation: November 15th (after game update)

    Event news - new features & highlights

    • Supreme Golem: This new Golem spawns for players of level 56 and higher. There will be 4 different kinds of Golems.
    • Golem overbuffing: You can use more buffs that Golems need to be destroyed, if you so choose.
    • Golem defeat: Friends can no longer "steal" your Golem. The owner of the Golem will decide when it is defeated by clicking a button on its UI.
    • Pumpkin Cemetery: Will become more important for gathering Pumpkins.
      • The production time decreased
      • The Cemetery can be refilled with special refillers
      • Pumpkin Cemetery refillers are tradeable
    • Adventures: More adventures provide Pumpkin Cemetery refillers via reward, the amounts were re-balanced.
    • Explorers: Will find Pumpkins during treasure searches
    • Collectibles: Pumpkins will spawn guaranteed on your island
    • Quest chain: "The Forgotten" (level 19+)
    • New items:
      • Improved Deerstalker - Building
      • Decorative Pumpkin field - Yippie! - Decoration building
      • Miniature Golem - Decoration building
      • iGhor - Buff
      • Zombie Bite - Buff
      • Ouija board - Buff
      • Bucket of candy - Buff
      • The headless horseman - Buff
      • Efficient traps - Recipe

    Please keep in mind that the upcoming test server game version is in an early stage. The final version may differ.

    Please visit our forum here for feedback.

    Happy settling!
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