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Thread: Raid of the Nords guide for MMA + MG (with blocks) killing bowmen over militia.

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    Raid of the Nords guide for MMA + MG (with blocks) killing bowmen over militia.

    This is a guide for Raid of the Nords for MMA + MG for those who prefer killing bows and recruits over militia (as in wiki). I don't make militia, and I don't kill militia.
    Need 1 MG, 1MMA, 1 TGs at least +3 other generals for suicide waves.
    Whenever sending generals make sure preceding one has left camp unless otherwise specified.
    XXX means any general (can be tavern, fast or even MMA for wave1).
    I've tried to make blocks and attacks as safe as I can but, errare humanum est, find something off, then report. There's always a tiny chance some cav or Ms will perish but I did my best to avoid Xbows, but see earlier...
    Anything else I think of later... ;P
    Thanks to the wiki ppl for the basic guide (pics are all mine though) and especially You Know Who You Are for inspiring me and helping out with some advice and a few blocks I may have borrowed. :P

    From position A send:
    Camp 1: MG - 80R, 190XB -- loss ~80R
    From position B (can be any position except A, C or X, those are needed) and/or C send:
    (B) Nusala - 40R, 45B, 80 XB -- loss 30-40R, 0-40B
    W1 (B)TG - 110B | W2 (C) MMA - 70R, 70C, 80XB -- loss 110B, ~70R
    (A) MG - 65M, 95C, 110XB loss ~65M

    BLOCK (send X then A)
    Camp3: (X) TG - 26S, 106E, 4C [140-200 sec]
    Camp4: (A) MG - 74M, 196XB -- loss ~74M

    (A) Nusala - 165XB -- 0 loss
    (A) MMA - 30R, 5C, 185XB -- loss ~30R
    Camp6: (A) MMA - 35M, 10C, 175XB -- loss ~35M
    OR (if you prefer Rec+Cav over militia) MG - 40R, 54C, 176XB -- loss 40R, ~32C

    BLOCK (send X then A & B)
    Camp7: (X) TG - 50S, 133C [140-250+ sec] OR no block, Nusala 80C 85XB, no loss
    W1 (B)XXX - 60B | W2 (C) Nusala - 60R, 5M, 100XB -- loss 60B, 60R 0-5M
    W1 (B)XXX - 110B | W2 (C) MMA - 80R, 5M, 135XB -- loss 110B, ~80R ~1M
    OR MG option W2 (C) MG - 85R, 65C, 130XB -- loss 110B, ~85R ~0-9C

    Camp9: (A) MG - 95R, 5M, 170XB -- loss 95R ~0-5M

    BLOCK (send X then A & B)
    Camp10: (X) TG - 106E, 94C [x-x+ sec]
    W1 (A) XXX - 50R | W2 (B) Nusala 20R, 5M, 40C, 100XB -- loss ~ 20R, 0-5M, 0-37C
    W1 (A) XXX - 120R, 10B | W2 (B) MMA - 80R, 5M, 50C, 85XB -- loss ~205R, 10B, ~0-5M

    BLOCK (send X, Y then A )
    Camp12: (X) TG - 23S, 172E, 4C [200+ sec]
    Camp13: (Y) TG - 198S,2E [180-200+ sec]
    Camp14: (A) MG - 65M, 205XB -- loss ~65M

    (A) Nusala 15R, 150XB -- loss ~6R
    (A) MG - 13R, 1E, 256XB -- loss ~13R

    BLOCK (send X then A, when A reaches spot marked by arrow send B, B needs to walk behind A)
    Camp16: (X) TG - 40S, 145E, 15C [xxx sec]
    Camp17: W1 (A) XXX - 90B | W2 (B) MG - 80R, 5M, 185XB -- loss 90B, ~80R, 0-5M

    Happy raiding and hope it works out as well as it did for me.
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    Updated camp7 option, thanks for spotting that t00tie!

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