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Thread: [HOWL] Lone Wolfs

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    [HOWL] Lone Wolfs

    We're a small, friendly, very helpful guild. most of us are part timers so there are periods of quiet time as well as chatty time.

    Nowt else to say really!

    Lookup HOWL in guild tab and whisper 1 of us.
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    (HOWL) Lone Wolves looking for new members

    Hi Everyone -

    HOWL is a small but productive guild currently looking for new members. We are an international guild and would love anyone from anywhere to join our pack.

    We enjoy helping eachother out, especially lower level players. Guild Quest is not compulsory but we do ask you try to do it as often as you can, within reason of course! All memebers benifit from guild coins.

    We love chatty players, but chatting is not required. Respect of all guild members is a must.

    Please join us for jokes, fun, and the occasional guild competition with prizes. This past week we had a TSO related crossword and 'guess the building' challenge. Just for fun!

    Please feel free to message me, Queen_Avery with any questions or friendly chat. You can also contact our Guild Leader vigabrand or other officers sanellen or numpty_nellie.

    Cheers and Happy Settling


    P.S. If you need anything, just HOWL!

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