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Thread: i have a problem with Raid of the Nords

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    Unhappy i have a problem with Raid of the Nords

    i collected 6 furs but i can only make 1 tent repair kit
    i need 6 repair to finish the quest
    i,m also on Premume time an have 6 hours left
    pleas help as soon as pousabel

    best regards

    saloman 6528

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    Bit necro, there was already a post. So i did not want to made a new thread to waste server room ;-)

    Worst venture. Big meal aunt arma basket, i made twice because i did too early put the buff on a tent. And the cost of so much exoctic wood and sausage, very waste of recources for what you get as loot. Bad designed, am i the only one, who found it not rewarded this venture?I

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