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Thread: Conscientious Geologist - harvest like a boss

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    Conscientious Geologist - harvest like a boss

    How to get the most out of your Conscientious Geologist.

    I was trying to explain this to a friend and thought others might also benefit so here it is....

    In the game we have standard geos (normal and jolly) who discover one node at a time and then there are conscientious geos who can discover two.
    The thing is they dont discover two nodes. They discover one and then get rewarded one....
    This is the important point because the extra node isnt allocated or assigned to the geo when he is dispatched. It is rewarded to hims as a bonus for successfully concluding his search.

    What is the difference ?
    The difference is that the reward node doesnt have to be available when the geo is sent, only when the search is concluded.

    Let me explain how I use the feature and maybe it will be clear.
    If i am just about to log off for the day and I have 1 dead granite mine then I send out my Conscientious Geologist.
    It is a valid send because there is 1 dead node - and he gets allocated against it.
    Time ticks down and 5+ hours later he finds the node.
    The thing is that during that 5 hours, because I have stacked all my masons to all work in one node at the same time, at least one node will have been emptied during that time.

    So not only has he found the one and only node that was available when he was sent, he is also rewarded with one of the nodes that just became available - the ones that were not available when he was dispatched but became empty during his search.

    Nice - an extra full node worth of loot.

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    it's not only the conscientious geo that finds a deposit that has been emptied over night, they all do that
    so, if you see your mines will empty while you sleep, you can send any geo out before you sign out
    The only difference is the conscientious geo will find 2 deposits

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    Yes, they changed that quite a while ago. It used to be the geologists only found deposits which were already depleted at the time you sent them but I can remember being able to speed up building fast copper mines by sending out geos right after they arrived back even when all the deposits were found and only afterwards destroying the slow ones.

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    Are you aware that with Conc can discover 3 at a time for certain deposits with the right skills and if you do the job right a unknown bunch of hidden deposits. Would be interested to know if anyone has had more than 14 Marble deposits at once.
    When it comes to Gene pools and shallow ends they can be found at the bar drinking pina colada's

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