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Thread: Guide to Finding Collectibles on Your Island and in Adventures

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    Post Guide to Finding Collectibles on Your Island and in Adventures

    Collectibles are the items which appear randomly across your island and sometimes on adventure islands. To collect them, you simply click on them. Seasonal events spawn additional collectibles, which can only be used during the event, e.g. Candy Canes at Christmas.

    There are excellent guides already available, giving you loads of information, on what they are and how to use them.
    This guide is about how to actually find them.

    Firstly, here's a guide all about collectibles including some tips on searching:

    Items spawn every 8-10 hours from the time they first appear. If you're not seeing new ones, log out and in again.

    How to Find the Collectibles:
    The same principles apply for searching on your home island as on adventure islands.
    1. To get most of the collectibles in the first 'sweep', move around your island just looking for the items at the same zoom level you normally play at. The more you get used to finding them, the more you will recognise the shape of the items and the quicker you will find them. If it's been a while since you found an item, e.g. a bronze cauldron, have a look at the cauldrons in the store house. This will remind your brain what they look like, helping you to pick out the shape more quickly.
    2. Segregate your island. You probably have already mentally zoned your island, generals in one area, houses in another etc. By moving around the zones rather than just moving left and right or up and down across your island, you'll notice items which are out of place.
    3. Change the zoom level. Your brain is used to seeing the items on your island at a similar size. By changing the zoom level by one or two levels, new items will stand out more.
    4. Use your peripheral vision. Seeing an odd shape out of the corner of your eye is easier than looking straight at it. You could try sitting sideways on to your screen but an easier way is to open a window such as the Trade Window. The reduced visibility of your island actually makes it easier to see odd shapes in the surrounding space. The Trade Window can also stay open while you click on the items you find.
    5. The grid sweep. When you've found everything you can using the techniques above, it's time for a methodical (boring) approach. Zoom in so you can clearly see the detail in the buildings (you don't have to zoom all the way in) and start in the top left corner. Move across your island, slowly examining every building, rock and tree. Look particularly at the roads and spaces behind and between buildings which might obscure the items.
    6. See how many are left. Open the Quest Book and click on Collection Quests. Hover your mouse over the green progress bar and you'll get a pop up showing how many items are left to find (see picture below).
    7. The second last resort. There are a few items which will be completely hidden by rocks, trees or even a building (I have a barrel which regularly appears in the middle of my Mayors House!?) Zoom out so you can see almost the whole island and start sweeping your mouse over the rocks, trees and anywhere that's obscured. Move slowly enough so that an item will show up - you'll know by the name appearing on the screen, but fast enough so you don't pass out from boredom.
    8. The last resort. Zoom all the way in and repeat the process above, moving your mouse over all the areas which might obscure an item. It's dull but it could be the difference between completing a quest and having to wait 8 hours for the next item spawning.
    9. Future proof your searching. If items keep appearing under the same trees or rocks, try placing a building or decoration on the spot (if available). This can keep the items from spawning in those hard to see areas, or at least make them stand out.
    10. Cheat. If you really can't find the last few items and desperately need them, use some Fairy Fire or Fairy Light. Available in the shop under Black Market and through the Trade Window. Fairy Fire will highlight items on your home island for 5 minutes with a little blue arrow above them. Fairy Light will do the same on an adventure island. After you apply the buff, zoom all the way out to spot the bouncing blue arrows.
    11. Ask a friend. A fresh pair of eyes is always handy for finding stuff. Friends can click on an item to highlight it on your map.
    12. Upgrade your tech. Using a larger monitor can help you find the items. With more visible island, you can search faster. An alternative is to lower the resolution. Items will become bigger which will mean you have to scroll more, but they're easier to spot. You can also use something like Chromecast to display your screen on your TV if you're really getting desperate.

    Collectibles Counter:

    Hidden in Plain Sight

    Just Plain Hidden

    Fairy Fire and Fairy Light

    Under tree planting to force spawning elsewhere & spawning inside a building

    Obscured by my own Christmas tree. Traitor.

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    Another trick is to use the build mesh, select a small decoration flowers will do. This will now show where you can build it, don't plant the deco. Now look for small holes in the green mesh, some will be bushes etc but some will be collectables.
    When it comes to Gene pools and shallow ends they can be found at the bar drinking pina colada's

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    use magnifying tool
    and you can see a lot more if there are no trees
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