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Thread: Christmas Contest Results

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    Christmas Contest Results


    Dear Settlers,

    Thank you for submitting your contributions! Not only did you send heart-warming letters to BB_Santa, but your delightful Christmas Trees and decorations left everyone in silent awe. Thank you for being an inspiration to the community!

    One of the most heartfelt letters we received was sent by Chalkari, a US player whose wish for the Worldwide community of players didn't go unnoticed:

    One final wish: for my friends; for my mates in guild;
    for BB_Santa, BB_elves; for those who build
    and celebrate the halls of this worldwide community,
    may there be, at last, a peace on Earth
    with great good will to all!
    We hereby announce the winners:

    1st rank
    Congratulations to Baldin!

    Check out the original contribution.

    2nd rank
    Congratulations to ccborg & TheGranny!

    Check out the original contribution.

    3rd rank
    Congratulations drouc, Queen_Avery and Ynita!

    Check out drouc's original contribution, Queen_Avery's original contribution and Ynita's original contribution.

    See you next time!
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