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Thread: Slim browser in Linux

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    Slim browser for Linux

    This is how to get the slim browser to work in Linux.

    1) Create an installation directory for the game (for example settlers in your home directory)
    2) download the Windows installer exe from to that directory
    3) install 7z and extract the installer exe with "7z x The\ Settlers\ Online\ Installer.exe"
    4) download NWJS and extract it to the installation directory (i.e settlers)
    5) locate in your computer (you need to install Chrome to get it) and copy it and the manifest.json in the same directory in to PepperFlash folder in the installation directory (i.e. settlers/PepperFlash)
    6) to start the application open your terminal and go to the installation directory and give the command "./nw ../The\ Settlers\ Online"

    7) if the flash plugin asks you to right click to run it, close the application and open file "~/.config/The Settlers Online/Default/Preferences" and replace "plugins":{} with "plugins":{"*,*":{"per_resource":{"adobe-flash-player":1}}} and restart the application
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