Has this happened to anyone else?

I send a Feast to a Guild buddy the other day and he didn't receive it. I chalked it up to me thinking I had forgot somehow though I was sure I had sent it. I didn't check the amount of feasts I had and the trade didn't show in my outbox, so just assumed that's what happened.

However, this evening I sent him 1 again and then another as one of the buffs didn't stick (yes, that's STILL happening). Because of the above, I made a point of checking the number of Feasts I had before sending (51). And, lo and behold, he didn't recieve either trade. I checked my outbox and there was no trace I had sent them - BUT I only had 49 Feasts in my Star. I am positive this time that I sent them and the number of Feasts I had left proves this.

Anyone else experience this odd glitch?