So I decided to create a guild with high level players in mind. It seems to me that there is a need for a guild where players of level 60 and above can share/trade/swap or otherwise arrange lootswaps on Ali/FT and other high xp adventures to help with the (seemingly) eternal grind on the way to level 75. As I understand it similar guilds have appeared on other servers and maybe Sandycove would benefit from having one. With the new rules about 15 minute waiting between posts in trade chat underway it seems even more so that we could benefit from having no restrictions in our own little dedicated guild chat tab?

As I see it we would not need much in the way of rules... anyone who has made it to level 60 or higher pretty much knows how to behave in the game, pretty much has all the guild coins they are ever likely to need (so GQ would not be a requirement) and pretty much will have more resources that they know what to do with so really it would only be about having a dedicated chat for swapping lootspots. We would not need leaders except for the fact that someone has to have the guild house on their island. We would not need many of us to make it work either.

Anyways, I have created the guild called "All Hail Discordia". I'll give it a few months to see if there is a genuine need for this kind of guild and if it doesn't take off then I'll just disband it - no harm done! Send me a message by the usual channels if you are interested.