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Thread: im guessing another Storm Recovery rant?

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    im guessing another Storm Recovery rant?

    gday BB staff ,
    I'm guessing you have heard this tale of woe many times before but here goes :
    I tried a Storm recovery for the first time , being a scenario I expected the same old find this make that pattern , and I was finding that to a point,
    I'm sure many know what I am going to say next , and then it asked me to clear building sites , start clicking and it fails me for using up buffs
    how does 1 undo this ? or did it show in that next step "hey make these buffs to use before doing as we have asked you to do " ?

    for the cost of materials wasted on it , it is a very very expensive exercise in futility and I can see why it would not be considered popular for the poor return of loot if you do not mess it up to complete it with the outlay of pricey materials.
    I'm guessing there is no way to get my scenario reset or resources returned , but have to accept it as a lesson in not doing or trying all the scenarios or advs at least once ( even if the game asks you to do them! ) as they just cost too much to do for such a poor return or a slap in the face of being failed in it .

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    The storm recovery scenario is expensive to do, but there is also a high chance of failure, you and I are not the only ones who have had to reset it.
    You have to use certain buffs in certain places, from what I remember. Some buffs can be used in more places, while others are only usable in one or two. This means you can run out of usable buffs if you get the order wrong. There us a good guide on the eu site that takes you through it and explains it better than I did.

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