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Thread: [BUG] The Excelsior use gems instead of crystals without any alert !!

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    Exclamation [BUG] The Excelsior use gems instead of crystals without any alert !!

    Hello, I was using a lot of gems while I'm not aware that I got used some of my gems, I really was click that pink button and click ok, but then I figured out that my gems are used instead of those 2 crystals, I really lost like 300 - 400 gems or so around this, add 58 to report this bug.

    This is before I start:

    This is after (note the gems decreased and I still have those 2 crystals!!!):

    Also this is from my storage:

    I really DON'T want to use gems for this!!, my question now, may you report this issue asap?, I really don't know how many times already fell in this trap! also, can I have my gems back, it is not my fault that I used them without warning?
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