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Thread: Fast BK with Vargus

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    Fast BK with Vargus and 3 MMA

    Fast Black Knights with Vargus and 3 MMA
    Many thanks and credits to corona88 for the basis of this guide.

    Units needed: 370R, 400C, 102E, 207K [249 - 300 - 348]
    Generals needed: Vargus, 3×MMA, 3×G (tavern general) (and an optional MG)
    Sometimes, there is a very small chance (< 0.01%) you lose a E, C or K.

    This guide is about efficiency in losses and travel time. It uses 3 G, while I have 6. I send the 3 other G to a new BK, as soon as the current adventure has ended. This saves me 15 minutes travel time.
    Alternative setups are given. For instance at the first series of attacks, you can use Vargus instead of MMA3. This means that Vargus should be on the position where MMA3 is in the image. I use MMA3 here instead of Vargus, because as soon is C3 is destroyed, I send Vargus to its new position, so it can attack C4 as soon as possible.

    Landing zone
    Click here for general positions

    For the first attack, you need 3 G and MMA3 or Vargus.
    Send this attack in 2 waves. Send wave 2 right when G1 starts fighting C1.

    Wave 1: block, send G1 to C1 and G3 to C2 right after each other.
    C1 (1R block) 100S 100B
    - G1: 1R [1]

    C2 (block) 100C 100M
    - G3: 99E [0]
    Wave 2: block, send G2 to C1 and MMA3 or Vargus to C3 leader right after each other.
    C1 (1R block) 100S 100B
    - G2: 1R [1]

    C3 leader 60C 60LB 10K 60E
    - MMA3: 109R 1E 110K [85 - 96 - 109] or Vargus: 95R 1E 84K [79 - 88 - 95]

    Move your generals to new positions.
    Click here for general positions

    C4 80S 80XB
    - Vargus: 39R 1E 101C 39K [26 - 31 - 39] or MG: 65R 1E 161C 43K [45 - 55 - 65]

    C5 100C 100XB
    1. MMA1: 1R [1]
    2. MMA2: 100C [80% 0C - 20% 10C]
    (20% chance to lose 10C)

    C6 100S 75XB
    - Vargus: 65R 1E 96C 18K [48 - 54 - 65] or MG: 84R 1E 105C 80K [63 - 73 - 84]

    Wait till C6 is destroyed. After it is destroyed, send attack to C7 and C8 dark castle!
    Block, send G3 to C7 and MMA2 or Vargus to C8 dark castle right after each other.
    C7 (block) 50LB 100E
    - G3: 68E 102C [0]

    C8 dark castle 50XB 1 Big Bertha 25K 50E
    - MMA2: 83R 137K [61 - 73 - 83] or Vargus: 72R 1E 65C 42K [52 - 64 - 72]

    Move G3 to a new position.

    Block, send G3 to C9, MMA3 and Vargus to C10 dark castle right after each other.
    C9 (block) 60E 60XB
    - G3: 4E 195C [0]

    C10 dark castle 50C 50XB 1 Sir Robin 50E
    1. MMA3: 1R [1]
    2. Vargus: 48R 1E 61C 70K [25 - 42 - 48]

    Good luck and comments are appreciated!
    - Vickaz
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