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Thread: [Guide] Victor the Vicious - Vargus needed, suicide-based, no blocks, 700R losses

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    [Guide] Victor the Vicious - Vargus needed, suicide-based, no blocks, 700R losses

    So, Easter presented an opportunity to revisit VtV with the new generals

    Vargus is the general of choice for this adventure because of all the dogs and roughnecks. The other generals are used for 1R suicides to reduce losses.

    With all three of the new generals plus 4 MMAs, Dracula and a Major General, the adventure can be completed in a day with 700R losses. If you don't have Nusala and Anslem, a lot of MMA suicides are needed on a couple of the camps

    Look here for a map and garrison numbering:

    Common Vargus kills
    This is a quick guide to how to kill certain camps with Vargus. This is here in case you use different suicide attacks than the ones suggested, depending on which generals you have.

    It should be obvious, but if you have between 101 and 119 Roughnecks, use the "120 Roughneck" set-up, not the "100 Roughneck" set-up.

    Just Roughnecks
    "K" means Cannons

    120 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 52R, 1E, 41C, 86K

    100 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 40R, 1E, 79C, 60K

    80 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 30R, 1E, 117C, 32K

    One-Eyed Bert plus Roughnecks
    NOTE! Use Crossbows, not cannons

    OEB plus 99 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 51R, 1E, 54C, 74XB

    OEB plus 80 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 41R, 1E, 72C, 66XB

    OEB plus 60 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 30R, 1E, 97C, 52XB

    OEB plus 40 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 20R, 1E, 121C, 38XB

    OEB plus 20 Roughnecks
    Vargus: 1E, 97C, 82XB (no losses)

    Camp-by-Camp Guide
    The exact order you attack the camps in will depend upon how many generals you have. I've put in a few tips of my own, but feel free to choose your own path.

    Where suicides are used, the final attack assumes a worst-case scenario where there might be some dogs and/or rangers left in the camp. If the suicide wave does full damage, you will suffer lower losses or you can use the "Common Vargus kills" guide above to find the best set-ups.

    1 50 Thug, 50 Guard Dog, 50 Ranger
    Vargus: 24R, 1E, 155C

    2 100 Ranger, 50 Roughneck
    Vargus: 21R, 1E, 153C, 5K

    3 50 Guard Dog, 100 Roughneck
    Dracula: 1R suicide (or use MMA)
    Vargus: 47R, 1E, 64C, 68K
    Note - after this camp, use Dracula on camps 18 and 19 to kill dogs.

    4 50 Ranger, 60 Guard Dog, 50 Roughneck
    Vargus: 33R, 1E, 137C, 9K

    5 100 Guard Dog, 99 Roughneck, One-Eyed Bert
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 54R, 1E, 52C, 73XB

    Tip: At this point, attack camp 10 with an Anslem suicide and Vargus follow-up, clearing the way to get a first Nusala suicide on camp 11. This will save some time since camp 11 needs several rounds of suicides.

    6 50 Ranger, 120 Roughneck
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 55R, 1E, 41C, 83K

    7 50 Guard Dog, 120 Roughneck
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 51R, 1E, 43C, 85K

    8 One-Eyed Bert, 50 Guard Dog, 60 Ranger, 80 Roughneck
    Vargus: 1R (suicide)
    MMA: 1R (suicide) attacks must be done in this order to clear all dogs with Vargus and most rangers with MMA
    Vargus: 39R, 1E, 81C, 59XB

    Tip: Don't do the Vargus suicide on camp 8 until you've killed camp 10 to clear a path for Nusala to suicide camp 11.

    After the Vargus suicide, a good target for spare MMAs is camp 13. Or you clear dogs from camps 18 and 19.

    9 100 Wolf (trap)
    10 100 Ranger, 100 Roughneck
    Attack camp 10. Anslem will get intercepted by camp 9 (the wolf trap), win, and carry on to camp 10, killing all the rangers.
    Anslem: 2R
    Vargus: 40R, 1E, 79C, 60K

    11 Metal Tooth, 40 Guard Dog, 155 Roughneck
    Nusala, Anslem and MMA suicides until there are 100 or fewer Roughnecks. This takes a while
    DO NOT USE VARGUS FOR SUICIDES. He will do no damage.
    ONLY USE ANSLEM ONCE DOGS ARE DEAD. Or he will be killed before attacking.
    Major General: 94R, 1E, 175K

    Tip: Only use Nusala and Anslem in the suicides on camp 11. The MMAs and Vargus can be used on camps 8, 12 to 14, 18 and 19. Don't try to bypass camp 11 to get to camp 15 - you'll get caught by another wolf trap.

    12 100 Guard Dog, 100 Roughneck
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 43R, 1E, 74C, 62K

    13 100 Ranger, 100 Roughneck
    Anslem or Nusala: 1R (suicide), or 2xMMA suicides
    Vargus: 42R, 1E, 74C, 63K

    14 One-Eyed Bert, Skunk, 100 Guard Dog, 90 Roughneck
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 53R, 1E, 20C, 106XB

    15 80 Guard Dog, 40 Ranger, 80 Roughneck
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 31R, 1E, 103C, 45K

    16 Skunk, 100 Ranger, 80 Roughneck
    Anslem or Nusala: 1R (suicide), or 2xMMA suicides
    Vargus: 31R, 1E, 93C, 55XB

    17 Wild Mary, 2 Skunk, 100 Scavenger, 50 Ranger
    Nusala and MMA suicides until there are only the 3 bosses.
    DO NOT USE ANSLEM OR VARGUS FOR SUICIDES. They will do no damage
    Major General: 72R, 1E, 197K

    18 One-Eyed Bert, 100 Guard Dog, 99 Roughneck
    19 One-Eyed Bert, 100 Guard Dog, 99 Roughneck
    MMA: 1R (suicide)
    Vargus: 54R, 1E, 52C, 73XB

    These last two camps have lots of options for reducing losses
    They can be attaked by lootspotters.
    You can be using Dracula to clear dogs on these camps while the doing rest of adventure.
    Once the dogs are dead, use an MMA with 1B rather than 1R - there's a 64% chance of killing 6 Roughnecks rather than just 5.
    Use Vargus to mop up Roughnecks while Anslem and Nusala are suiciding Metal Tooth.
    Use Anslem to mop up Roughnecks while Nusala is suiciding Wild Mary.
    DO NOT USE ANSLEM UNLESS THERE ARE FEWER THAN 38 DOGS LEFT. He will be killed before attacking.
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