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Thread: [Forum Game] A Knight's Tale

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    Samuel rode with his pet Aardvark towards a large river. Thinking alphabetically, he should have brought his trousers, instead of his yellow underpants.
    'Forsooth,' said Samuel, "Look!"
    But it decided instead to explain how his observation lead him to enjoying a pet, Aardvark, in Borschtsch. Suddenly the trees uprooted and died.

    Meanwhile, thunder Clashed, distant howls screaming "Beware of Alicia, foul nitpicker witch which consumes elderberries and steaks".

    Bravely, Samuel took his sword, Durandal, and without pants set boldly onwards.

    Riding into battle, like Evel, Freeda and Lancelot, alongside Prince, singing drunken epics. Before they drew their curtains wide they checked that everything disjunct had been just sharpened correctly. Pointiness weapons readied.

    The end was close, so Freeda shouts: "Friends, behave!", but Evel defiantly unbuttoned the Aardvark's shirt but BB_Ravel banned such sentences.

    Battle started, bewildering everyone. Swords drawn, they attack new baked bread. However, the community officer BB_Taku warned everyone for not striking poses suggestively.

    Surrealism Stroke blushed, causing eruptive explosions behind the Cathedral door. Catholics converted into Vargus' sword - transforming the very large sword into Skittles; but Samuel ate a blue cheese pizza, laughing, eyes rolling, into hypnotic termination......

    Samuel defeated BB_Saqui after building the strongest reverting gingerbread into infinity. BlueByte responded with armoured heavy metal cannonballs. However, it became clear that all prisoners ate cake which witch made from Gems.

    Recovering from sickness, BB_Saqui had Aardvark cook his mucus. Meanwhile end-times where Samuel began to break marmalade shrimps, Spoonwise interjected "But it ain't vegetables!"

    Cheese us here! Stampeding BB_Alpaca into unknown land. BB_Saqui decided for closing this story by eating toasted parmezan.

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    A fitting end to this chapter. The game will go on hiatus now until I apply some new ideas/improvements to help prompt some more activity. Stay tuned, and thank you to everyone who participated!
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